The Relevancy of Relevancy

Last Update: April 01, 2020

Yes, it's stunning, isn't it?

I saw a post yesterday that seemed to be directed to those who comment about relevancy of postings.

In fact, it was an attack on the idea that relevancy matters.

I admit to being one of these mentally deranged people that think relevancy to a topic matters.

Oh no! where have I gone wrong??????

Now, the individual who posted these remarks is quite popular and is an Ambassador here at WA who is of the motivational type.

As many of you know, I classify WA ambassadors as either a) success-oriented who teach how to dig in and make money online, usually with the WA niche; or, b) motivation-oriented and focus on building their ranking through popularity and cheering people on.

What's amazing is that this individual claims she is a teacher, or was one.

Does anyone wonder what kind of teacher wouldn't think it important to keep lessons relevant to the topic as hand?

Gosh, I must be one of the meanest teachers on the planet.

Funny how students keep coming back to me anyway, they must be masochists. I better inform them ASAP about how I have been leading them astray!

Apparently, this individual thinks that I don't have the permission to decide what is relevant to the topic or not in posts on WA that I make. Or even others make.

I must have forgotten to check in with them all this time. Shucks.

So, telling people they are off base and asking people to stay on topic and ask them to dig deeper, is degrading to that person?

Awww, I'm sorry.

Next time I'm teaching English to some German students, I'll let them just chitter away in German, because it might offend them to remind them that the topic is English.

Can't degrade 'em by reminding them that coming into the classroom, they've committed to understanding what I'm teaching!

Boy, have I been doing things wrong according to this enlightened WA magistrate.

Funny enough, we've also been told by this person that insinuating a post is irrelevant is hypocritical.

Whew, I'm off the hook on that one! I just tell them point-blank, bypassing the insinuation phase.

'Hey, your post is not relevant to the topic, it looks like you've missed the point!'

How savage of me!

Oh, the flood of tears to be told such a thing is a mighty Niagara, apparently. In fact, we're told that some people ran to this WA prophet and whined about this inhumane treatment.

I'll also add that this person considers WA to be a safe space, meaning that it's hurtful to disagree, I suppose, with any post. Especially theirs or their friends.

The exception, of course, are the posts of this high and mighty individual, who apparently thinks that teaching and posting and discussing and learning should not in any way, shape or form, be relevant to the topic, if someone, anyone, thinks it shouldn't be!

Further, this one has deemed self-permission to say that individuals who try to do this are hypocritical or worse.

Well, well, well, Ima dig myself deeper into this pit of hell.

Here is what I say:

Relevancy Matters!

What do you say?

Note, if you come in here and try to talk about how you hate bullying, or love cotton candy, or to spread bad ideas that don't make any sense, or some other thing like that:

you risk being told that your post is not relevant to the topic of relevancy!

You have been warned :)

Consider this a blanket warning in effect for all time to the end of infinity and in effect for any of my posts or commentary. Yep, I like conversations to stay on topic and make sense. If you don't like that, I suggest you steer clear.



your friendly neighborhood relevancy genius.

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brichnow21 Premium
Marc, some folks just don't know how to say things with "Tact and diplomacy" .
I ask myself before commenting...
Is it Kind, Necessary and True...
Does anything ...Need to be said, ... need to be said NOW, ...Need to be said by me?
Often, it's NO.
If Yes... PM's are for that one on one.
Interesting Ambassador "Rating scale?"
marchanna Premium
I think you should add 'relevant' to your list of criteria prior to posting.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Marc, if you are heading into a fiery pit don't forget to take your fire extinguisher with you.

The forum here in WA can create perennial problems for many. From observation, we can tend to take up defensive positions when we sense; attack, it is the first tenant of self-preservation of self and cause.

One of the main issues and it is across the board, here and in the outside and online worlds is the concept of reward incentive.
Analogy, I get engagement for an activity, I will be back tomorrow it becomes an intoxicant, and I will be back the next day with the same variant. In that process, we can have a tendency to lose relevancy, the drive becomes engagement to fuel the fires of desire.

My observation is that a platform like WA needs community it kind creates that sense of the senate, that place where all are equal and all have a voice.

The practice is something different.

One of the first things to learn in the online world is relevancy, to our own endeavors first and to the audiences that we are reaching out to second. If we fail to grasp that then the cause is lost before we begin.

One of the things that all aspiring, marketing neophytes need to guard against is rising above relevancy.

If that is the case then the slow burn has begun there is a natural order.

marchanna Premium
Hi Alex, I obviously should include a third category of WA Ambassador, a rare breed, that being 'Philosopher.' :) Glad you stopped by!

I'm sure you recognize my metaphor of hellfire is tongue and cheek, but you're right, my presence does inflame at times.

That's what happens when one prod others' samskara. But it's good to make them jump out of their habitual thinking, even though the initial reaction may be anger or hurt.

There just may be a chance that they'll see more things clearly, that bullying, for example, isn't such a big deal -- for adults anyway. But when people are acting like victims, well, that's another story.

I agree with your observation of this WA as a forum for idea exchange, but as is natural, people cluster in groups and the fact is, some groups will simply not get along as they become attached to their perspectives and are drawn more deeply into their clique.

Here, its often called the 'WA family.'

Calling something a family is indicative of tribalism and like all tribes, one is supposed to earn your way in ( if you want in), and are subject to ridicule if they don't adopt the tribal norms precisely enough.

The other problem is that the WA community is thin on the ground. In the last three days I've jumped from level 8500 or so, now ranked at 393!

I find that alarming that I could bounce so easily into the top 500 active people by being involved in a couple of threads!

That means the WA community that is active, doesn't have enough input from a larger community of ideas and tends to get stuck as you say, in their own intoxicant.

Which is exactly why they benefit from someone like me, whether they like it or not. You see, I don't care if I'm accepted into the tribe or not. So I can speak freely about my observations without endangering my position in the clique.

I'm more interested in discussing the truth.

Mostly, they don't like seeing some truths, so I wind up ostracized by the passive-aggressive types, who don't engage me directly but instead post their ideas elsewhere or talk about me and my traits like I'm not part of the conversation we were just in.

The latter, of course, being a most hysterical example of passive-aggressive bullying from the same people who can't stand bullies!

I'll end on that laugh :)

Cheers, Marc
Selenityjade Premium
I saw the post. What I find weird is that it's a matter of opinion whether people want to see relevant only blogs or personal off topic blogs, right?

And people can totally mix the two by adding personal stories that relate to business, etc.

So apparently, even though it's a PERSONAL OPINION which blogs you prefer, those that prefer blogs related to business only are wrong? And they should just shut up? Did no one else notice the hypocrisy of that blog? No one is attacking offtopic blog posts, but boy are they getting nasty for someone expressing their opinion about relevancy preference.

The problem is NO one should be attacking ANYONE for expressing their opinion. It's gotten quite out of hand with how defensive they're getting.

I personally just don't read many blogs anymore. I prefer relevancy. I personally don't like the motivational only posts either, but that's just me.

People need to do unto others how they want to be treated. I didn't comment on the original post because it was hypocritical to tell people all posts should be allowed and play nice in a post where you then attack people who don't want offtopic posts.

People more interested in business posts are allowed to express an opinion too without getting attacked. This is NOT FB. FB groups even demanded relevant posts to the group subject and admins delete others. Like promoting breeding in a book group or whatever. Lots of groups just have one day for off topic posts, which use OT in the subject.

Maybe WA members should use OT in the subject for posts unrelated to business or working online.
marchanna Premium
Thanks for the comment!

On this one, I almost feel like Tom Cruise in Minority Report!

Glad I'm not alone - nice to have company now that I'm an outlaw :)

Yes, the blog emanated hypocrisy while accusing others of it.

I've faced this battle before. It happens when the WA cheerleaders think that Ambassador status makes them 'the glue that holds WA together....'

That's arrogant, self-righteous and most of all, inaccurate.

I'll tell you what holds this place together --

Top producers that recruit paying members
The training
The platform
The tools

Did I pay my membership fee for the chat room? No. Did I pay my membership fee to become an Ambassador? No. Did I pay my fee to owe fealty and obedience to the Ambassador corps? No.

And they know it, which is why some of these culprits won't chime in on this post. They'll pretend to ignore it because it doesn't fit the schema they think is important in the ranking hierarchy.

Of course, if I wanted to get to ambassador status, there would be nothing they could do to stop me, or you.

Yes, sure, it's nice to have forum and chat, but this stuff is a side dish served with the main meal. Every now and then, a clique arises that decide they are the champions to protect WA.

It all comes and goes, like so-called bullies and chat monsters.

That's right -- this wave of hall monitors, too, shall pass!

Like you, I cherry pick the blogs, and as soon as you've seen one motivational post, let's face it, you've seen them all.

I don't mind them enjoying their endless tea parties of compliments and likes back and forth to each other, but there's no way I'm gonna be pressured to not call out something as irrelevant, when it is.

I'm not into FB although I should be eventually to succeed in online marketing. So I don't know about these rules you speak of. Here, I think the guidelines are just fine, but there could be a push button at the top, I suppose, as a preview of the content. But then you need the admin group to sort things out.
PMindra Premium
I've faced this battle before. It happens when the WA cheerleaders think that Ambassador status makes them 'the glue that holds WA together....'

That's arrogant, self-righteous and most of all, inaccurate.

Did I pay my membership fee for the chat room? No. Did I pay my membership fee to become an Ambassador? No. Did I pay my fee to owe fealty and obedience to the Ambassador corps? No.

I'm not into FB although I should be eventually to succeed in online marketing. So I don't know about these rules that are spoken of.

"The Relevancy of Relevancy"

Hi, Marc.

Paul Mindra here from Southern Ontario, Canada.

Kindest regards.
marchanna Premium
What's the point you are trying to make, Paul from Southern Ontario?
PMindra Premium
No real point, Marc.
Just the relevancy of relevancy,
A play on words.
Is relevancy relevant?

Be safe.

marchanna Premium
Look them up in a dictionary and you'll see they mean the same thing.

Now go make your non-points elsewhere, if you don't mind.

Be wise and kindest goodbye.
resty1984 Premium
Ok sir. have a great day
marchanna Premium
Thanks, I am :) Hope you do, too.
resty1984 Premium
Your welcome sir.