Use Images! Use Keywords on images!

Last Update: July 07, 2014


Have my site running for some time, and was really surprised to see it on 4th page.

But was even more surprised to see my images for particular keyword on the second line.

dog swallowed a sock search

Is you do search "dog swallowed a sock" and check images you will see 3 of them there pointing to

Make sure you select those images to open Article they are attached to.

People are visual, and do search by images so it is extremely important to have Nice images pointing to your blogs.

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kellyrae82 Premium
That's great! I didn't realize images could help with rankings!
Maxiam59 Premium
I agree with Hammer all the best
Bill67 Premium
Nicely done keep up the good work
wilmirage Premium
This thing really work. I also have my images on the first upper image search. :)
TheHammer Premium
Absolutely agree... Images are MUST HAVE for a site!!

Thanks for sharing this and showing the point what images on a site can do.

Congrats and keep it up... :)