So TINY but so Important!

Last Update: August 13, 2014

Stage of Doubt.

How many of us, putting work in to the websites, blogs and waiting for this Magic First Sale.

The ONE which will prove us, that all this effort is not for nothing, confirmation that we move in the right direction.

I personally have extremely high expectation of WA and this concept all together. I dream of earning considerable amounts of money, but everyone who starts probably in the same place as me. I do want to believe, I do want to trust, I am being told that it will happen, but I still doubt everything shown, everything promised.

Who won’t, the only thing you want at this stage is to get some bit of confirmation, even a little bit will show and prove you that you are on the right track.

The tiniest amount which made me happiest ever!

I was just going along with my day, and ended up in Google AdSense just to have a look, and imagine my shock, my joy and happiness to see this tiny number, so tiny in amount but so huge in meaning. It is only estimate for now and even if it will be just $0.01 it could not mean to me less.

The joy is indescribable and overwhelming. I passionate about snowboarding and same joy I get when first snow fake lands either on my face or my hand, symbolizing start of new season.

Believe it will come!

So here I am, just want to share my positive experience, and give you motivation. I want to tell you that it will work just do not give up!

“You Get What You Plant”

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Trialynn Premium
Happy for ya!
Maksim Premium
Thanks all for positive comments
MichelleWA Premium
Congratulations on your achievement! That is not only success, but also a sign of a bigger success that will happen in the future. Wish you the best with your business.
cookma54 Premium
If you believe ... and move forward with all of you attention and all of your intentions in harmony with that belief ,,, then it will be! Whoopee!!! Celebrate the wins - however tiny they may be - soon they will be huge!
MariosN Premium
I am glad for your inspiration Maksim.
Keep up the good work.
As stated: You get what you plant".