I am Proud of YOU.

Last Update: September 14, 2019

Dear YOU,

Yeah YOU.. the one who is reading this.

I just want to let you know that I am proud of everything you have accomplished thus far with your online business.

Here are a few of things that make me proud:

  • You are HERE learning
  • You have learned some skills while being a member of WA
  • You have purchased a domain
  • You have built a website
  • You have written some content
  • You have been indexed in Google
  • YOU are not giving up!

I want you to think of how much you have accomplished since starting your journey here at WA.

Go ahead.. I’ll be here when you’re done.






Isn’t that amazing!?

YOU should be proud of yourself! Just like how I am proud of YOU.


I would like you to share this WA post with ANYONE who you think needs to feel good about themselves or who you feel could use an uplifting read.

Get out there and keep doing things to make YOURSELF proud!

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Recent messages
FKelso Premium
Thanks, Jay. Yes, we have all learned a lot, and it is good to be reminded of that.
BarbaraBC Premium
Thanks Jay. Your webinars are always helpful. Being old school, I take notes and refer back to them all the time. Thankful for you and your dedication to helping all of us.
JasonHeard Premium Plus

This is great Jay and timely for many, I'm sure. Myself included.
MichalB Premium
Thank You Jay.

I am proud of me, also because I learn so much from your webinars.

Thank you again
You should be proud of You as well.

Cheers :)
Alan Hocking Premium
Aww thanks Jay I'm proud of you as well! :)