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Have you heard a couple different version of niche? In this article you will learn the various way to say niche and EXACTLY How to Pronounce Niche.

What Exactly is a Niche

There are several different descriptions of what a niche is, but basically a nich is an audience. Yes, that's it! An audience.

Now this audience is a group of people who share a particular interest. This interest could be a hobby, a solution or a way to do something.

What is an Example of a Niche

Now that you understand what exactly a niche is, let's take skipping ropes as an example and break it down:

  • People who are interested in skipping ropes would be a niche
  • Men who are interested in skipping ropes would be a nich
  • Men who are interested in speed rope workouts would be a niche
  • Men over 40 interested in speed rope workouts would be a niche

See what I did there? I simply took the skipping rope niche and broke it down to several different niches. So, a niche is an audience!

OK, Is it 'Nitch' or 'Neesh'?

Well.. it's BOTH! The difference is where the person is located in the world.

  • In Canada (where I am located), it is pronounced 'Neesh'
  • In the US, it is pronounced 'Nitch'

Is one right over the other?

Absolutely not - both are correct. It is merely the location of the individual who says it.

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Recent Comments


I can't just pick one way to say the word so whenever I use that word I have to say both. "I'm starting a new nitch or neesh." So now I just avoid the word. Just like Keltic or Seltic for Celtic. I have to use both. I just need to decide on one and stick with it, but for some reason I can't and I just use both.

Great post, Jay. Now that it's been a day or so since I was involved in that fun banter below...

I can actually say that the word confused me and I thought you Canadians were saying it wrong... LOL! Just kidding.

I used to say it "nitch", but do like the sound of it as "neesh".

So, I will probably say it that way from now on.

Thanks for this... I wish you the best!


Sorry Jay,

While you Canadians and Americans argue over the correct pronunciation, and maybe agree to disagree, I, hail from the land of England.

You know, the creators of the English language?

It's "Neesh"

If anyone says "Nitch" they are wrong, simple as that.

People are allowed to say it wrong if they chose, thats called freedom of speech, but the English language has rules, and under those its "Neesh"

No one says you have to speak the Queens English, but to claim they are both equally correct is wrong

Plain and simple

Thats enough pompous English arrogance for today lol

Sometimes I don't understand what y'all are talking about when you say bonnet and boot instead of hood and trunk. On the other hand I had no trouble understanding that petrol is gasoline. What do you call diesel fuel?

Diesel lol

What has gotten into thou? Thy speaketh in a most strange toungue

Of course "our" language can evolve, and the rules can be changed, but only if WE say so, not because some Americans are butchering how things are said!

It's perfectly ok to be wrong, but just know that is the case!

P.s please dont take any of my replies on this matter to be anything other than light-hearted tounge-in-cheek banter, I don't really care about strict adherence to the Queen's Language....

P.p.s that is still "Neesh" not "Nitch"...the Queen has spoken!

God save the queen
She ain't no human been

Okay, so you say it's "neesh"... even if you did create the English language... what do you say about a word that has French origins from about 1605-15?

I believe it is actually "nitch". according to LOL!!

🤣🤣🤣 Bwahahahaha!

Watch it dude. You don't want to start anything with the neesh people. If you do you better bring a posse

They have a long way to travel to get here in South Carolina!!


I can drive from Louisiana in a day. To be the man you have to beat the man. WOOOOOO


Bob Bob Bob, you clearly know very little about Anglo-French relations.

Some may say we borrowed the word, others that it based on or derived from the french word. None is accurate. It is TAKEN from the French word. Yep, we went over there and TOOK it, that makes it ours!

You know we have been quite good at just taking what we want in the past! is an AMERICAN website! So they may well carry the Bastardised American version of the word, that don't make it so!

If we look at a Global site, Wicktionary, it clearly lays out the many different pronunciations listing the General English first (Neesh) and showing all the good countries that are saying it right! (Canada, Ireland, Aus etc...)

For completeness it also shows the incorrect US English pronunciations, you can't even decide between yourselves how to say it!

For further clarity, it also lists the FRENCH pronunciation, which unsurprisingly is "Neesh", only with a outrageous french accnet, it also shows the dutch, again, "Neesh" only with a little dutch flair.

I would love to share with you what the Oxford English Dictionary says, but you are American, so you are not allowed to look at that!

It is very simple, its OUR word (yes we stole it) and we Say it's Neesh. It's all in the "e" if it were Nich you might have it right, we may or may not have required the absent "t" to be pronounced, we can be fickle like that, but the presence of the "e" clearly makes the word "Neesh" not "Nitch"

Say it how you like, but understand, YOU ARE SAYING IT WRONG!

You limeys and your insufferable pompous demeanor. While I agree that neesh is the correct pronunciation I explained in an earlier comment how here in the good old USA, a nation that doesn't bow to anybody or give welfare to rich people just because their great great great great grandpappy was a king, we mostly pronounce it neesh.

We kicked your butts in 2 wars. Either apologize to all Americans for your snide insinuations before we have to do it again

Yeah, not exaxtly worried!

Seriouly, our language, and insufferable pompous demeanor is about all we've got nowadays! got to hang onto it!

Oh and our Highbrow humor that often goes WAY over the heads of you Americans!

P.S its "Neesh"

We Americans need to stick together... LOL!

"Neesh, Nitch" who cares... I am an American and WILL say it the way I want... 😁😉😂🤣

Don't they teach you too read over there? I have already stated that I agree that it's neesh.

As far as political wars our inept polititions haven't really tried to go all out to win. We all know that in an instant Iran, Iraq, North Korea and their I'll could become a vast parking lot.

As far as your so called humor I guess when things are as grim as they are you will laugh at anything.

And hasn't refrigeration gotten to your part of the world yet. Why else would you have to drink your beer at room temperature.
In America we have sports that actually involve scoring. And we don't have rowdys to beat up fans of opposing teams because they have the wrong color clothes.

That actually happened to a friend of mine who's dad was working in England. He went to a soccer game of the school we went to and a gang of his own classmates beat the crap out of him because he just happened to be wearing a scarf with the other team's colors.

Now give thanks to America for keeping you from having to goosestep and tell Seig Heil

Here is my argument. When I am hungry for breakfast, sometimes I will eat an egg, cheese and bacon "quiche", pronounced "keesh".

Then if I am really ambitious, I will head into my yard and dig a "ditch", pronounced "ditch", then afterwards maybe go get a new t-shirt at Abercrombie and "Fitch", pronounces "fitch".

So if I were living in a backwards world, i would probably be choosing a nitch for my business, and also I should probably consider digging a deesh after I am done eating a kitch.

And, if you are 100% backwards - life would be a "beesh!"



LOL, this is very true!

A very well-written and straightforward article.

I wasn't sure how the word "niche" was pronounced. But it now makes more sense. I figured there was a difference between the U.S and Canada.

That's interesting with the niche audience examples. I got some great ideas from this post.

Thanks for sharing this excellent post, Jay!



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