Best Managed Wordpress Hosting Platform - WA Hosting?

Last Update: December 14, 2018

Looking for the Best Managed Wordpress Hosting Platform?

Looking for the Best Managed Wordpress Hosting Platform? Inside this post, you will learn that Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Managed Wordpress Hosting Platform and why.

Before we get started, let’s talk about what exactly Managed Wordpress Hosting is.

In **traditional hosting**, you receive a control panel where you have the ability to do many things which tend to be overwhelming. I’d say 90% of the tools offered in regular shared hosting, you don’t use.

Here is a screenshot of a shared hosting platform using CPanel.

As you can see, there are a plethora of ‘things’ that do various ‘things’ that you don’t need.

With **Managed WordPress Hosting**, all of those useless tools are removed and what is left are the tools that are directly related to your WordPress website. With Managed WordPress Hosting, you now have the ability to work on your site instead of managing the hosting.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Managed Wordpress Hosting Platform is the Best

Here is what you get with your hosting at Wealthy Affiliate:

* Super fast hosting speed (Amazon fast)
* 30 GB of space
* 500K Visitors/month
* Free SSL Certificate (https)
* Daily Website Backups
* 24/7 Access to Server Admins
* BotNet Security
* And Much more

Comparing Wealthy Affiliate Hosting with other Hosting Companies

As you can see, the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform is the best as they have the most available features AND is your choice for the Best Managed Wordpress Hosting Platform.

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jghwebbrand Premium
Hi Jay,

I totally agree with your assessment of WA's hosting platform. It is the best and cheapest. I received a call from 1&1 the other day and they asked me if I would use their hosting services. They told me that their service cost was $60 a year. But, the catch was they only can host up to 100 pages per site.

The chart you have displayed is awesome so we can use for comparisons for new WA members.

Have an awesome 2019!

Best wishes,
Shipwright Premium
Hey Jay,
I couldn't agree more, WA hosting is very good but it could be great. It could be much better if we could modify the DNS records or even if we had Exchange-type email system. On a personal note, one of my domains I have setup to use Microsoft Exchange for email and I would love to host this in WA but can't for this very reason, there is no way of modifying hosting records for WA hosted domains. But in terms of what we get for our buck here in WA, the hosting here is outstanding, and not forgetting the support - it's amazing.
GlenPalo Premium

I still miss my cPanel with its CRON manager so I can run automated scripts found in some plugins like UpDraftPlus. I can also easily manage non-WordPress pages.

Or better yet, cPanel has a section on email accounts, autoresponders, and other mail tools. Wealthy Affiliate has Atmail.

My WA-hosted website was hacked. I can't say that about my non-WA hosted websites.
SafiaR Premium
I do not know that before.
Thanks for sharing this!
ValerieJoy Premium
A great post, Jay.
I totally agree that the Wealthy Affiliate hosting is the best web hosting available. In the last 4 years, I've never experienced a hosting concern. Plus, the incredible value of Site Support is far above other hosting support I experienced before becoming a member of WA.
Marley2016 Premium
Your training tonight was superb as always, and I must
admit I knew writing would get easier over time but you
are really awesome.
Thank you for the wonderful information and light you
bring to all of us here at WA.
FKelso Premium
Well, I was already convinced, but thanks for reaffirming it.
porrasgelija Premium
Nice thank you for bringing this to everyone
keishalina9 Premium
Nice looking servers, Jay! ... another tremendous training session!

... absolutely fabulous -- your teaching, writing, presentation skills ++

thanks kindly for everything here ... cheerio ... 😊
jivitaa339 Premium
Thanks Jay,

Writing WA blog post can be useful for so many reasons, as a newbie it helped me to write and publish my writing before an audience, it helps in ranking, get traffic to your website and also new referrals.
Thanks for showing how to write a WA blog post in a neat way and how to add it to our website.
MKearns Premium
Once mastered we are extremely blessed!
Showolf Premium
Thank You for this!
You make it look easy!
Felix90 Premium
wow excellent post
Debs66 Premium
Woo hoo he posted it :))