Glitches and more glitches

Last Update: June 15, 2018

I have two websites, both using the same Theme but are very different in their Niches. I chose the Weaver Xtreme theme that was difficult to learn but once I was familiar with it, I chose to use it again with my second website.

Sometimes with updates on the WordPress website platform, the various plug ins and the Theme program itself.... glitches happen. Throw in the world of Youtube, and you have more possible glitches.

I have been trading off time, in between websites, from week to week. This week however, it took me no time at all to write my dog focused post so I moved onto the other website that is herb focused. I discovered there, to my horror, that when I clicked on one of my pages in the menu, I could not go back to the HOME page where my blog/posts are.

I had not done anything different... but something had changed! I opened the Settings and then Reading screens, in the Dashboard of both websites. Nope, both were exactly the same. After spending some time on looking it over, I reached for Support.

While I waited for their response, I had an idea. I went to Appearance, then the Menu screens. I had both websites open to the same screens and then I noticed it..... the Home page in the main menu on the dog site (which was working perfectly) had it listed as 'Custom link'. The Home page in the herb focused website (that was having the problem), was just a normal page there. Hmmm how to fix it?

I saw there was a choice of creating a 'Custom link page', in the Add to Menu box or just below it. Could it possibly be that simple? In the dog site, when I clicked on the Home page in the Menu, it had a URL attached to it. I did the same for the herb based site, then deleted the old Home page, and moved the new 'Custom link' Home page into it's place.

After saving and refreshing the website page, low and behold.... the Home selection was working perfectly.... again :)

In the meantime, Support had a message waiting for me, saying that my Home page was working fine! I told them, I know, I just fixed it! Sorry folks!

That was not the end of glitches though... I figured I may as well check my entire site (the herb based site) for broken links and other problems. Well.... I started finding Youtube videos that were no longer working, all I got was 'video is not available'.!!! It sure did not look good, all those blank non playing Youtube videos!!

Garrrrrrrr! I started looking for replacement videos and began putting them in. I did some research on Google, and there was all kinds of advice but none that worked. I began thinking that maybe these videos cannot all be shared? It did not make sense. They have a share button for sharing right?

Well, there seemed to be a lot of these appearing at first glance, so what did I do? I reached for Support again :) While I waited on them, I continued to replace videos. It turns out I had found all the bad guys, the others were working (for now). Of course, right around that time, Support got back to me and said videos were working fine... and I replied... I know I just replaced them all! Yikes!

I am going to have to go over my dog focused site and check the videos there too. It gives Readers a bad website experience when promised videos are not working. Why did they stop working? I have no idea! Why did my herb based site suddenly have issues with the Home page, when it's been working fine since January? I have no idea!

Glitches....or Gremlins

I was all set to write a new post for the herb based site, but all of these extra problems have eaten up my time. I am going to step away from the computer and go do something else now. I just figured I would stop in here first and write a new Blog, which I have not done in a very long time. Cheers everyone! Be encouraged, that there is a solution for every problem here, you just have to find it!

Sincerely Yours,


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AlexMi Premium
If we had enough time it would probably the best to make our own themes so when glitch happens we know what to do.
Its actually not too difficult.
In the meantime, we have to live with glitches and be at mercy of support teams.
Maddy55 Premium
Yes indeed! Trying to figure things out myself, is easier when I know Support has my back :)
QAVAVO Premium
I had deleted one website that had some glitches but now after reading posts like yours it gave me new hope to engage in a bit of experiment to fix such problem.
Maddy55 Premium
absolutely! I have learned a lot from experimenting. I don't easily ask for help, first I research and experiment, however today I jumped the gun a bit LOL!
MKearns Premium
Best wishes in supercharging your creativity Maddy!
Maddy55 Premium
Thanks, it felt good to fix the Home page issue myself :)
JerryMcCoy Premium
Just gave you more experience on solving problems than waiting for a solution.
Maddy55 Premium
It sure did! All the newbies reading this, should remember that everyone starts at the beginning. One year from now, all those newbies that have continued on, will be problem solving too :)