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April 13, 2018
Not that long ago, another Member here (Waian) did a considerable bit of research and came up with the following sites for copyright free photos.I need to keep them in a easy to find compact place so I decided to place them into this Blog for my use and all of you as well.I have been using Google's images under 'reuse' but 'Waian' reminds us in his Blog that these photos are not always copyright free even though Google has chosen them as such.I don't think we need to Fear of being dragged to co
March 22, 2018
I admit, I am a Google Search Addict I love to search out different subjects and visit websites. So when I joined WA, and built my own website with WordPress, I already knew what I did and did not like or love about websites in general.Websites are a bit like the Love Hearts candies that I have in the Image. They all come with different messages, and some are better than others with their message. What do I hate about a website? I'll give you a list#1-When I encounter a website that has videos
March 20, 2018
If you're a sci fi nerd like I am, you may have watched the Movie I Robot, or other movies about Artificial intelligence taking over. Of course who can forget the movies that Arnold Schwarzeneger made famous, the Terminator and Total Recall. I recently read the book Origin by Dan Brown, (spoiler alert!) which implies that humanity is moving into an technological evolution, merging our present form with the technology we are creating to become a new species. When you see people's faces plastered
March 03, 2018
I have been approached by a few men lately, who have been privately messaging me. I have noticed that they have been doing this to other women here too. I have been sending PMs to these women, warning them of this activity here. One is CheersBrian2 and the other is Chris501, and I am sure there are others. If you are approached privately by men whose main agenda is approaching women instead of learning how to build a Wordpress online business, you have the option of clicking on the Report Spam
March 01, 2018
Many newcomers rush to add affiliate links to their sites, thinking that the money will roll in faster (I was one of those). However, expect that your website will not be searched out by Google in the higher ranking pages until it's not so new. Some here have said, at 6 month mark, assuming the website is well filled out, their sites started making some money through their affiliate links. Since only a small percentage of people buy, you will need thousands of impressions, and hundreds of actu
February 15, 2018
You might not always want your real name displayed on emails you send. As an example, you might want to hide your name when sending somewhat anonymous feedback or contacting unknown recipients. Although your email address will still show, this only identifies the Gmail account and not necessarily your true identity. By default, Gmail uses your first and last name on your Google account, but by configuring a "Send Mail As" address, you force Gmail to use whatever name you choose.1-Log in to your
January 25, 2018
There have been Blogs or Tutorials here on creating your Gravatar account so you can put a photo or image as your face on posts, pages and comments. Many bloggers put their own face in the Gravatar while the rest of us might use a generic image of a car, a pet or whatever. There is so little privacy online as it is, with all our private information in cyberspace. I for one, have recently chosen a simile of me, an Avatar to be used as a more public face.You can still see my real face here in WA,
January 22, 2018
I helped another WA member with this recently and have been asked a few times since then. I decided to put the procedure here in a Blog so it's easy to find."in the dashboard section, click on PAGES, and there is your list of pages... now take your mouse and hover the curser under the name of your page... now you will see the choices of QUICK EDIT, EDIT, TRASH , VIEW. Choose TRASH, and your page will be trashed, kind of thrown into the garbage :) Next step is the real delete part... along the t
January 08, 2018
I love that phrase Hey Google, ever since we got a Google Home device for Christmas from our family. I simply have to say Hey Google, Good Morning! and 'she' gives me a good morning right back and gives me the weather and the news. During the day, I ask her for music and viola! I can also tell her to shut up and she does! LOL! Amazing! Speaking of Google... I bought a new domain, set up my new website, my second Wordpress website here in WA on Jan 4th 2018 and had 3 pages in by Jan. 6th. This
December 31, 2017
I came to the realization recently, that I was spending way more time helping others here, than working on my projects (website, research, training etc). I love helping others but I need to pay attention to the real reason that I am here... to build a business and earn some money. My rank was climbing, and I was at the 83 mark when this realization hit me. One of the members here, who is doing well with his websites, making good earnings, told me that it was way more important to pay attention