This Mommy Blogger Kicks Ass!

Last Update: March 23, 2016

I am so happy and I now know for a fact that I am gonna kick ass.

Remember how Wealthy Affiliate Wrecked my online business? Read about that here:

Well here is the business it wrecked, now that I decided to close my store and just start blogging... it has taken me a while to make the changes I wanted.

This week I have been focusing on letting everyone know what I am offering and to get some Youtube videos published and to do a competition to get my subscribers up.

The first spike in the Google Analytics was when I announced on my website and social media I am closing my store and that I am just going to blog. The second spike is yesterday and today sharing some Youtube videos and some new pages on my website with what promotional packages I am offering.

I also shared some of my old popular posts on social media.

Can you feel my excitement? And you know what? I haven't even gotten started, this was just me sorting out all that old stuff and getting ready to be a mommy blogger.

This is the online business I started 4 years ago knowing nothing about working online. I battled to learn how to make money online and I battled learning how to market my business, how to do SEO..... everything. I then found WA and jumped right in and launched another 2 websites.

For the last 8 months I lost interest in my first business like I explained. I am now taking everything I have learned here at WA and putting that into my blogging.

Anyone still unsure that WA works?

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RaeAnnePond Premium
I'm really glad things are working out so well for you Lynne! Further proof it works if you work it!
SadieChan Premium
Things are finally going to work for you. Congratulations, Lynne.
speedking Premium
Fantastic news .....WA rocks all the way to the bank, go for it, wishing you great heights of success all the way, stay gold, Johan.
halinphilly Premium
You sold me, Momma!
LynneHuy Premium
BarbJaeb Premium
excellent!! Looks like your wise decision is gonna pay off! I CAN feel your excitement and I am excited for you!! go mommy, go kick that ass!
LynneHuy Premium
Now to rest and take my kids away next week for a little trip to my sister. **content**