Angry and Annoyed! Help me?


And I would love some guidance and feedback from others.

So I love affiliate marketing, and since joining WA it feels like I have found a new way of life

BUT I am not making it with my affiliate website yet. I have 2 other websites that are product based that I had before I joined WA.

I struggled to learn how to work them, I struggled to learn how to do everything. It took me ages and I kept getting stuck and hitting new challenges. When I found WA I was doing ok.

Then when I found WA all the little pieces I hadn't put together fell into place, all the skill I had learned were fine tuned. The support I was lacking was suddenly found. This of course felt great..

Now I have an online baby store in South Africa with 2 websites. One for retail and one for wholesale.

The problem is that I have lost my passion for these websites in a way. I still love my websites but I don't want to hold products anymore, I don't want to have to be available all the time by phone, email and in person.

I just want to write...

So my retail store I have been blogging for a while and I have quite a lot of posts there but I have gone all quiet, focusing on my new WA website.

Sales in retail have gone quiet because the plan is to stop selling my own products. I want to just quietly kill retail and monetize my blogs.

The problem is the wholesale side. I love this side of it, and it is not a huge amount of work, and the orders are reasonably large. I just feel that lately all my suppliers are messing me around and everything is messing up. There are extra expenses all the time due to these stuff ups.

It got to me on Friday last week, I just snapped and lost it with someone... yes badly.

I don't mind things going wrong, but I do need people to answer their phones so that I can in turn give my customers feedback and keep them in the loop.

I'm tired of struggling and I'm tired of relying on other people when it is MY name on the line.

Here is my website I am talking about:

and here are my blogs:

On Friday I took my wholesale website down I am so upset by the problems with my main suppliers... so there is nothing to see there.

I'm not sure what I am wanting to know here, I suppose I am just floundering and very upset.

I'm not sure what to do about this, I'm starting to think F*** it....

I am just so tired of relying on other people and being disappointed. But where to from here and how to earn in the mean time?

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Just step back and think things through once you clear your mind. Think about what you really want to do (might change when you're not angry anymore). Things will eventually fall into place.

Can understand your frustration with it all, if you do want to check out selling that site you can test the waters at, do you have amazon if so have you considered their selling platform, they even have a program to store and ship your products, naturally there is a cost to it however if you keep the products small will keep costs down, check out their top sellers in whatever baby product your looking to sell as for your retail site you could start replacing items with affiliate stuff, this might also help you

Hi Lynne, I learnt the hard way ! Don't rely on anybody, just take a break and focus on your family for a while. I was in business for many years and I always relied on other people to help me get over the line,and in the end I went arse up ! big time, I mean I lost everything. I thought that I would never be able to get excited about anything again after losing everything we had accumulated for our retirement. Its human nature to get p.....d off sometimes and I found out that you just need to have that break. I have often gone to bed thinking the worst ......and woke up in an entirely different manner !! Don't worry too much I'm sure youll work thru it !! Keep your chin up.
Warmest regards Mark (fawlty)

Thanks Mark, that means a lot. I think I must just get rid of products and with that the stress.

Its your business,...your in control can do whatever you feel is right !!! Bloody Stress who needs it !!

Did you consider selling the darn thing?

Thank you, you just made me laugh out loud :) Yes I have. I think perhaps it is time to send it off...

It might be the right time. Keep us posted.

Are you doing all of the work youself? The blogging? The fullfilment? Web maintenance, bookwork, customer service, email list? Have you looked into hiring a VA (virtual assistant?) It sounds like you're ready for one. Might behoove you to look into that so you can take you're business to the next level.

Thanks, that isn't the problem. The problem is the suppliers that make up my products. I've got a steady income from that business, I have new customers always but because of my suppliers slack attitude I am giving bad service and it is killing me.
I have changed suppliers, but this problem just keeps coming back.

Yeah doing everything myself except making up the products. I'm fine with everything I do, I can manage. I just want my manufacturers to get a firecracker up their ass...

Sorry, that's all I've got. Still sounds like you could use some help in the administrative end to free up your time to supervise and work smarter instead of harder.
On another note, are you familiar with Marie Forleo? I'd you get time, check out Marie TV on youtube. Her episodes are only about 6 minutes each.

Thanks, I'll that :) I think I must just get rid of the products asap and just make it through to when I am making a full time income from my affiliate website

Ahhh - an "ah-ha" moment ... when you realize that you can't count on other people to do what they say, when they say, and how they say. I call it is "casual inconsideration." And yes - it is a real pain which, in turn, makes the people with the nonchalant attitude also a real pain.

So, the question is ...

Where's your passion and will it pay the bills?

Yeah it will. Just not today and today I can't run my business that is paying... I'm just having a cry day today. nothing is going right and I am so tired of that.

On days like this - I just step away. Focus on something else and get a good night's sleep. Fresh air and sunshine ... something so simple can make such a huge difference.

Lynne, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes we get so confused or frustrated about what is happening that we lose sight of that. When I get frustrated like that, and believe me I do, I just take a breather. Take a deep breath, go for a walk, play with my dogs, talk to my fiancé, read something inspirational, etc. Sometimes I just need to clear my head of what is bothering me and then come back to it when I am feeling better and my head is clear again. Does that help any?

Thank you :)

Oh Lynne, sorry to hear things are so frustrating & disappointing for you right now. I feel your pain. Have you thought of doing a SWOT analysis of your business to get clear on all the positives & negatives?

Thanks Lauren. I know what I want to do, its just how to get there. Plus I have all these customers waiting for things and I can't even give them any feedback because my suppliers are literally ignoring me. I hate this, I can't handle giving terrible service.

I agree with Geoff, step back and take a break. If you keep hearing that phrase I feel it must be significant, so wait and see what the next couple of days bring. Take care, Jude :)

Thanks Jude. It means a lot just having the support of the community.

Find your 15 munutes. Breathe and meditate. Remember. Everything is exactly the way it should be. It's our vision of the world and where we stand in it that is skewed. How can I be useful to someone else is always the answer when I'm frustrated. Peace to you Lynn. Geoff.

Thanks Geoff :) I do appreciate it.
Why is it that the message "everything is as it should be" keeps coming to me?
I guess there must be a reason for that.

Because when one door is closed, another will open. Stay out of your own way as much as possible in the mean time. Sure the kids will help with that. :) lol.

Don't worry. I'm sure I'll need some reassurance soon enough. Geoff. :)

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