Embrace The Roadblocks and Hurdles

Last Update: January 19, 2018

As a newbie to this whole affiliate marketing thing, I have on a number of occasions thought about just quitting after facing one hurdle after another. I didn't understand this, couldn't make this work, overwhelmed with this, etc. Hurdle after roadblock!

Frustrated to a point of just giving up. Been there!

I haven't made a penny since joining this program (only been a few months) but I am not overly concerned with that at this point of my journey. What I have gained from WA is to stay focused, be diligent and embrace the next roadblock. Why would I say this?

For me, it is the best way to learn something that may be totally foreign. Wouldn't it be nice if every goal we set here at WA or life in general came without any snags or hiccups? Where is the challenge in that?

The platform and training presented by Kyle is indeed top-notch but all of us, at some point, will come up against one of those hurdles. Before you head to the medicine cabinet looking for the Excedrin, seek out a solution.

Where? From the thousands of members who are members here at WA who will literally walk you though that roadblock. I have on a number of occasions and muddled through my issue. More importantly, I learned something new. One by one, the roadblocks became a blessing as I was now able to continue on with my goals.

My advice to those struggling to get that website off the ground, driving traffic, understanding SEO, ad campaigns, writing content, etc.

Embrace the Roadblocks!

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RogerHumbke Premium
Loved your blog. Reminds me of where I was at back in Feb 2016. Knew a lot about setting up and running high school programs but little about setting up websites and running an affiliate marketing program. I sure have enjoyed the process here.
Memorylaneuk Premium
If we don't make mistakes, we would never learn anything. If something comes easy to us, the chances are we couldn't teach anyone else how to do it. Only through working through challenges do we learn anything. And then we are better placed to help others through the challenges.
Well done for sticking with it. We all go through these head in hands, I quit scenarios from time to time.
With Grace and Gratitude
SkullDiggers Premium
I absolutely loved this, even read it outloud to my hubby, we both thought this was very cool. Embrace the roadblocks great thought process.
luke61 Premium
Thank you for your feedback. Hope this is advantageous to you in some way!