Inspiration from Richard Branson

Last Update: April 30, 2014

I was doing some research on themes for my website and came upon an article from BBC news on Richard Branson. It is his top 10 tips for success. After reading it, I thought that maybe he may have gone thru the Wealthy Affiliate program too. Here are some of the highlights of what he said.

If you are going to create a business, make sure it is your hobby, your passion or something that you really enjoy.

The first thing to do if you want to become an entrepreneur is basically to have an idea that is going to make a positive difference to other people's lives. A business is simply that.

There was no point creating a new airline unless it was going to be palpably better than every other airline in the world, you've got to make sure that every aspect of what you do is better than the competition.

Being an entrepreneur is not that dissimilar to being an adventurer. You have plenty of situations where your back is right up against a wall and you've just got to work day and night to make sure you overcome the difficulties a particular company finds itself in. Brush yourself down the next day and move on into something else.

I think I'm reasonably good at dealing with failure and not letting it get me down for more than an hour or two as long as I put everything I can into avoiding it.

You only live one life, so I would do the thing that you are going to enjoy. When life boils down, this might sound like a little much coming from me, I do have my own little island in the Caribbean, but when we are on that island, we tend to just live in the kitchen.

The truth is, so long as you've got a kitchen which has space for a sofa, and a bedroom, and a partner that you love, you don't necessarily need the add-ons in life.

Then, if you're doing something that really interests you, it will result in a much more enjoyable life rather than just doing something for the sake of making money.

Okay, back to my research.

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dale92 Premium
Richard is one of my role models, and a great man! Nice post Lisa. Good luck! :)
Damien Lane Premium
One of the more inspirational (& obviously successful) entrepreneurs today.

Although, like all successful entrepreneurs, he did have his failures & exotic choices - The band the S#x Pistols was less than a break even proposition when he decided to sign them to his record label in the late 70's.

Now that was brave, or dare I say stupid. Though, because of the person he is, he tends to learn heaps from his failures. So, he probably wouldn't change a thing.

Nice share thanks Lisa.
DNave Premium
Thanks for sharing. Great information and great ideas to live by.