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May 05, 2014
So, I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate last week and as always happens when something good comes along something Bad always happens. To me anyway. A friend of the family passed away after battling cancer. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and they thought they got it all. It metastasized into her brain. She was a wonderful women and we will miss her much. At the same time my cat got sick. You can see her picture on my profile. The calico. I was already thinking of my other cat, the grey
I was doing some research on themes for my website and came upon an article from BBC news on Richard Branson. It is his top 10 tips for success. After reading it, I thought that maybe he may have gone thru the Wealthy Affiliate program too. Here are some of the highlights of what he said. If you are going to create a business, make sure it is your hobby, your passion or something that you really enjoy. The first thing to do if you want to become an entrepreneur is basically to have an idea tha
April 28, 2014
Today I have gone over Lesson3 of Course 1 again. Coming up with a niche. I had one idea in mind. Herbs/herbal teas. I know a little about it. It is something I used to be very passionate about. But, I have decided to go with the Affiliate Bootcamp first though because that is where I am at at the moment. The making money online thing. Since I haven't been doing that well I want to go in that direction and master that first. I know there are tons of people coming online everyday who want to mak