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Last Update: Dec 28, 2018

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Become a Pet Sitter they said, it'll be fun they said! So we did! It's no secret that employment in South Africa is scarce and money becoming tighter by the day (a perfect opportunity to market the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity!).


In October 2016 a well-meaning family member recommended that we consider Pet and House Sitting.

Bear in mind that I was petrified of big dogs, but desperate means call for desperate measures. With our meager budget we put together a rudimentary advert which we pinned up in all the local libraries, vet's, pet stores and anywhere else that had a noticeboard or would allow us to. We were blessed, the business came in, slowly but steadily. Our first job was a challenge for me, this is why ...

Oh yes, we got the giant breed of Great Danes! Not one, but two! The male was a naughty teenager, full of mischief and energy. Blighter nipped me on the butt the first day I fed him. So this terrified woman quickly learned to give a good shoulder smack to correct the naughty teen Dane called Aslan. The same client had an adorable old girl Great Dane, Unathi, a chocolate Labrador, Yuma and a gorgeous little Jack Rascal, Toffee. And who could forget Princess Pouffe Pants, the black Persian kitty? Our introduction to the industry was challenging, entertaining, interesting and altogether a baptism of fire. Unathi was a gentle old soul who was rescued, I never asked for the details of her background, my only job was to love and care for her going forward. Yuma, the chocolate lab, had a penchant for the swimming pool, sadly her skin did not, so we spent our time inspecting her for hot spots under her fur. Little Toffee was adorable, the apple of everyone's eye. Princess Pouffe Pants was, as can be imagined, nothing less than royalty who deserved to be served as such! What a blessing it was to love and care for these furries.

Young Aslan certainly taught me quickly how to take the role of pack leader, and never, oh never, to turn my back (or butt) to him again!

Tallulah and Logan

A magnificent breeding pair - who fought because he wanted to suckle on her and she was none too keen! These two were strong & boisterous and regularly took us off our feet - all in the name of fun of course!

We visited Tullulah and Logan only once a day - as requested by their owner - naturally they were ravenous by then, not only for food but also company and entertainment. Hoo boy! We had our work cut out for us there!


The adorable Collie who we stayed with night and day on a beautiful Bryanston property, gorgeous house, enormous garden, swimming pool, entertainment area with pool table, we are talking all the bells and whistles! We lived in because Cazi was a gentle soul and she was terrified of thunderstorms and the Festive Season is prime thunderstorm time in this part of the world. Cazi also loved herding our Jack Rascal, Abby, which Abby was none-too-pleased about, being accustomed to her independence as an only dog!

Cazi and Unathi have both crossed the rainbow bridge - our hearts break every time a client loses a beloved furbaby!

Rest In Peace you gorgeous girls


Fast forward to December 2018, my daughter is safely ensconced in a home that we know, with furbabies who are gorgeous and gentle, a little Yorkie called BoJangles and kitty by the name of Bacardi. Who would've guessed that the owner of these furries is in his late 60s!

I on the other hand, am cohabiting with 3 wild rescue dogs who are indulged with everything possible. They sleep anywhere they like and run rampant given half a chance -

I even have to hide if I want to eat in peace!

Oh yes, that's the look I am faced with every time I try to eat - and it's times 3 furbabies, that is 6 eyes all watching me, longingly!

Today was great fun!

I arrived at a new client's house to feed their 4 Pointers, 2 aging Dashounds and 2 cats. The house looked like it hand been ransacked - there was chaos everywhere I turned! Ready to press the panic button, I surveyed the scene a little more closely - realizing I don't have the password for the security company for when they arrive, guns in hand! - only to observe that this was not a crime scene, no robbery had taken place. How did I know? The newly unwrapped Christmas gifts were all over the dinning room table. Surely a thief would have liberated that beautiful new technology, still in their boxes, no less!

The first pointer comes running through to greet me, with the packaging of Doom (insect killer) in his mouth! I wrestled that away from him, amid the chaotic surroundings - literally, things strewn all over the house, from clothes to used plates, half-eaten meals, cups, glasses, you name it! The Dashounds followed closely, growling and snapping at each other. Then come the other 3 Pointers, all full of the joys of spring, jumping up at me and wailing with excitement.

I hurriedly search the place for foods bowls, oh no! None to be found. No water available for the poochies that I can see. Improvisation kicks in as I locate a huge cooking pot, fill it with water and provide it to these 6 parched canines. Eventually I spot them, food bowls, face down on the kitchen sink, on reaching and grabbing them I wince with pain as my finger is sliced by a ceramic knife laying under the bowls! Blood spurting from my finger, surrounded by chaos, bouncing canines and cowering kitties, I am now becoming frantic! Securing some toilet paper from the bathroom, after goose-stepping over the rubble to get there, I wrap my finger tightly, too scared to examine the damage due to the amount of blood pooling in my hand.

Bleeding contained, though still continuing, I retrieve the food bowls, realize there are not enough and run around looking for additional. In the process noticing that the one Pointer is limping badly - his knee looks dislocated!!

Hastily, I make a contingency plan and place food it whatever containers I can find and stride off to the study in search of the owners number - my mobile phone was not with me, as luck would have it. On locating the house phone I realize, the owners phone number is on my mobile! Aaaargh!

The house I am staying at with the 3 unruly pooches has a swimming pool which has turned green and refuses to respond to the shock treatment I have given it. I have a water sample in my car, ready for testing at the pool shop.

Okay, okay, breath deeply. Think Louise, think! Take a drive to the pool shop, en route to the house where my mobile sits charging, buy the necessary pool chemicals, drive "home", treat the pool, find the phone, call the owner ... yes, that's it, plan is in place.

Arrive at the pool shop only to be yelled at by the owner because I have not provided him with sufficient water to test - inside the testing kit bottle!

Decide the pool is less important than the furbaby's dislocated knee - charge home, call new client, only to discover, "oh yes, poochie has a problem with that knee, we are aware of it and all is in order as has been seen by their vet".

Become a Pet Sitter they said, it'll be fun they said!

Moral of the story .... "You oughta be thankful. A whole heaping lot. For the people and places. You’re lucky you’re not". – Dr. Seuss

Blessed and Lucky

I am blessed and lucky to be here at Wealthy Affiliate, building an online business, and in the mean time, doing what I have to until I can do what I want to!

I will miss the furbabies one day, that is for sure - they will be in my heart and my thoughts as I relax by the beach, living a lap top lifestyle - thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and my successful online business!

Thank you for reading my blah for the day!



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Recent Comments


Ouch!! Hope your finger heals quickly! =) Laura

Thank you Laura x

Your life sounds a little like mine. I have a 90-pound poodle roaming the halls of my house. Good thing I'm a dog lover!

Wow - 90 pound poodle - that could be a challenge.
Dog lovers rock! :-)

Wow that sounds like an adventure and a half! Hope your finger is better soon! 💖

Haha! Funny you should say that Pauline, I started this blog as "The Adventures of a Pet Sitter" but checked with Jaaxy and found Become a Pet Sitter to be stronger keyword wise.
I'm too scared to have a good look at my finger so just keep it wrapped in plaster smothered with antibiotic cream. It's not throbbing so all is well.

Not sure I would dare to look either 😊 Fingers crossed the antibiotics cream and plaster will heal it.

A wonderful story! I am sure you are dreaming of the day you can sit with your laptop and relax:)
However if you ever feel the need you could pop over here to NZ and sit my furbabies, I can absolutely guarantee you an adventure!!

Thank you Cass, I cannot imagine not being involved with furbabies. When I can afford to sit and relax with my laptop, I will also be funding a sanctuary (or 10 :-))
I will take you up on that offer in NZ, I would love to visit that beautiful country.

Looking forward to it:) Oh a sanctuary would be wonderful.

Yeah, the sanctuaries are overflowing here currently, SA is experiencing a mass exodus and people leave their furries behind. So sad.
I look forward to it too :-)

That is sad and unfortunately a common problem globally:(

Wow! You certainly have had an adventure in pet sitting. I hope the last experience turned out ok for you and the pets!

We are pet sitting our tenant's cats right now and the note said we should feed "Squirtle" too. I had no idea who or what Squirtle was since we have always taken care of just two cats there. Squirtle is a "Mexican walking fish" (actually an Axolotl)I finally determined. That is not a fish at all but a type of aquatic salamander that is about 6 inches long! I was shocked to see this creature at the bottom of the aquarium full of water with 4 legs walking around the bottom!!


Wow, Squirtle sounds amazing! I will have to Google that one!

My daughter recently pet sat some chameleons which, as it turned out, are closer to dragons (like bearded cross with kimono) and are very aggressive! Rather her than me haha!

Enjoy Squirtle and the kitties and thank you for sharing!


PS I am happy to say that the tenant who lives in a cottage on the premises where the Pointers, Dashounds and 2 kitties live, is back this evening so I am off the hook. I am nursing a rather sore finger though and having to treat with an antibotic. Heaven knows what was on that knife - Ugh!

Squirtle can grow up to 30cm! And is critically endangered! Wow, they are fascinating :-)

Yes, I was telling my husband all about them after I finally figured out what he was! I had never seen one before. I hope your finger is ok. That sounds terrible!

What a great post! I really enjoyed reading it! I love animals too. It is true, there is never a dull moment with them around!

Thank you Christine, glad you enjoyed the post. I appreciate your time popping in to read and comment.

You are very welcome, Louise! It was a pleasure. Have a great day!

Thanks for sharing, Louise,
A very engaging post that made for an interesting read. My two boys that I know very well can be a handful at times so I can imagine you’re under 10x the stress with more dogs and one’s that aren’t yours, to boot!
I wish you much success and the beach for 2019,

Thank you Steve, that is a great compliment - actually, more than one.
Thank you too for the wishes - I definitely need some vitamin sea!

Never a dull moment dot com. Fur babies are the best babies and it takes a special person to care for them.


Yip, never a dull moment dot com - maybe that's the right name for a pet sitting site, haha!
Perfect comment - thanks Mark.
Good thing I love these furbabies, else survival would not be mine to enjoy

Quite harrowing, but yet comical. My wife is a pet-sitter. She is licensed, bonded, and insured. She has been attacked, and then cut her hand playing ball with one of the fur babies that she was sitting in November.

She started three years ago, but does not house sit, just pets. That is where she is now as I type this. She should be back shortly then we will be out with family after that. She goes to their house apparently like you.

She has a website which I am in the process of trying to build here to get it off iPage and their hosting platform. I have started it and will transfer the domain name after it is done. I definitely will use it as a niche site and will have affiliate links...I actually cannot wait to get that done.

Have you done a website for your pet-sitting business? Did you ever think about that as a niche, or have you had enough of the

It was a pleasure to read your misadventures for the day! Hope the rest of your days is better!!

I wish you the best!

Hahaha! Thank you for taking the time to visit, read and comment Bob, much appreciated.
Yes, these are the hazards of the job - I feel for your wife, it can be so rewarding but also equally challenging.
I have started a website and am hoping that my daughter will take it on as a niche site. I have given her some blog topics for now, let's see if she comes through with them. She has an avid interest in furbabies and wants to become a vet. She has also studied animal nutrition so this would be right up her street. If we can get her up and running, she will be able to go to vet school and afford her own fees. Having been a single mum since the beginning, we need to find a way for her to become independent quickly so I can do the same.
I look forward to seeing the site you are building for your wife, we could maybe share some ideas.

That would be awesome...congrats to the Site you are building and having your daughter use it for income is an outstanding idea. I hope it is a great success.

That was a wonderful story Louise. I am still laughing inside because I could literally see what you were going through as I read it.

This story made my day!!!

Thank you.


Glad you enjoyed my demise, hahaha!
Thank you for reading and commenting Sonny.

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