Let's Play A Game: Who Is More Powerful? Man or Plants?

Last Update: Jun 28, 2018

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In the eyes of a new world that has us talking about GDPR compliance, we are brought to our knees about how our data is shared.

As man in the whole sense of the word we are concerned about the threat to our privacy.

We want controls to be adopted
to protect the individual.

In the back page stories of newspapers you may see a small blurb from a conservationist about how we can save the planet from destruction.

Maybe a small story about how
we can recyle to save our planet.

Earth preservation is most often in the back of our minds until we are a witness to a natural disaster. If we are made homeless by a surge of floods and rain we take notice.

The earth will always balance itself. We are a slave to natural law.

We are nothing when it comes
to the wrath of Mother Nature.

  • What would happen if our natural agreement with the Earth turned and man became the enemy?
  • What would happen if the ecosystem decided to change its rules and not produce oxygen for us to breathe?
  • What if the planet started suffocating us where plants no longer provided us oxygen because we have racked so much havoc on the natural environment?
  • What would happen if photosynthesis no longer was the standard of life?

We live in a world where plants rule the world. Without vegetation animals would die.

Without water the plants would die.

Without both man would perish.

From these perspective it seems minor

that we spend our time with our rants

on how man is affected by war and greed.

We have a more pressing problem on our doorstep.

  • What would happen if our planet said enough is enough and extinguished the source of its hindrance to survival?
  • What would happen if vegetation planted its roots and said we want to live at any expense?
  • What would happen if the molecules of water restructured and removed oxygen as a main component of its chemistry?

This is the premise of the game.
What if the Earth strikes back to save itself?

Leave comments or questions below
on what you would think the Earth would be like
if it did not follow the natural laws that govern us today.

Credits: I give a shout out to Bill808 who planted these questions in my head while I pondered his concept of resiliency advocacy. After reading his profile I asked myself what is really important in our daily existence: The air we breathe. Without it we would be nothing.

All the Best,


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Recent Comments


I get where you coming from Louisa and they are trhought provoking questions. Thankfully the earth does not have a mind of it's own but the one who created it says that He will destroy all who destroy the earth.


I don't totally agree that the Earth doesn't have a mind.

It does have its own intelligence that often makes greater sense than how man operates.

The Earth follows natural law while we often try to go against it.

Our Creator time and time again has used the Earth as an example of how we should operate.

We can gain a lot of insight about life by observing nature.

Much of what we know today is attributed to many men watching and documenting the laws of nature.

All the Best,


Awesome and very thought provoking.


Thanks for stopping by.

I'm just curious.

If my post invoked a thought, what is the thought exactly?

All the best,


Very interesting and thought-provoking post. Thanks.


What is the thought that came to mind?

How do you think plants would take us out?

All the best,


The earth will survive, it has done that for milllions of years, in all it's glory, I am not sure men will be there to witness this.


It is evident that the Earth would survive.

But how?

How would we be taken out?

What would be the last straw that Earth would not tolerate?

What is the one law that we break that the Earth would not make allowances for us to survive?

All the best,


Not the biggest but the smallest creatures will take us out, the virusses and bacteria

Yes, you are right.

It would definitely start a the molecular level if it hasn't already.

The common cold would become more potent and respiratory infections more likely. Our recovery would take longer.

We wouldn't believe the plants or the ecosystem was doing this.

We would blame it on something else?

We would blame it on man-made tactics like chemical warfare.

Kinda creepy, Loes?


Let me tell you my thoughts about this.

I start with a quote from Albert Einstein
“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”

We all know, at least we can know, that the global warming is a fact. And still...

We shoot fireworks in the air
We do not force solar panels on every home
We do not ban polluting cars
We allow that everything is packed in 3 layers of plastic, and preferably per piece.
We stay cozy around the fire pit in the garden
We use terrace heating
We continue to cut down forests
We build ice pistes in Kuwait
We keep eating meat every day, preferably a lot
We continue to eat everything all year round, no matter where it comes from.
We continue to use pesticides on a large scale
We continue to buy unnecessary junk
We continue to scatter disposable articles in packaging and at the cash register
We buy new clothes while the old ones are still fine
We really need the latest phone

Dear Louisa, I can go on for hours.
We do not deserve to survive.


Spoken like a true conservationist!!

With emotion and fervor.

All of this is true and the Earth is so forgiving. Mother Earth keeps her pact true to allow us to survive. Yet there are many animals that are extinct.

What did they do wrong?
Why are they no longer here?
What pact did they break with Mother Nature?

Oh, I owe you some great thanks for the Brain Dean video. It has changed how I have been doing my blogging with SEO in mind.

My favorite and easiest to do so far is shortening my url links and using my tags in my permalink address instead of my blog title.

I also been paying attention to my blog titles to increase my CTR.

It's common sense but we often don't do it.

Hence the inspiration for this post which you so elegantly brought up in your Einstein quote.

There is universe and then human stupidity.

Do we still do the things we know will just give us the same results?
Or do we try something different?

Granted I'm saying all this after eating two cinnamon rolls melted with butter.

How do we make the simple change that will reap big rewards for us?

I just know if I adopt some suggestions to help my blogging now it will be part of my daily routine later.

All the Best,


When you do everyting the same, everyday, don't expect other results, I believe that's An Einstein quote too


It is. It's nice to know we love quotes from the same person.

We think alike.

All the Best,


Yes, I read more blogs of you, we are on the same wavelength;)


Like I said I really enjoy that you shared Brian Dean with me.

I have a lot to learn in these upcoming months.

I still have to go through all your trainings so I will be a busy bee.

All the Best,


We'll keep in touch:)

I saw a movie once where the trees released poisonous pollens to rebalance against humanity. Scary!


I had a dream last night where my room was surrounded by ivy and then there was a funny gas coming from the plants.

All of a sudden I couldn't breathe.

That is what I get for reading Bill's conservation blogs.

All the Best,


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