Something New! Amazon Flex Program

Last Update: June 30, 2018

Something New!

Amazon Flex Program

I'm sure most of Amazon followers already heard about the Service

Partners Program. I saw on television the other day about Amazon aim is to hire ten thousand

of delivery drivers to keep up the company.

This means that Amazon will let Entrepreneurs start their own delivery business. Based on the news, these entrepreneurs will then be able to lease these Vans with the Amazon logo, along with that, uniforms for and drivers will get support from Amazon to grow their business.

It seems like this new program will allow individuals with little or no logistics experience to operate Amazon delivery vehicles.

Wow! A whopping 10,000 dollars to starts your own delivery business.

Just thought to share this news with you.

Won't more follow

Leave your thoughts below!

More next time!

Louisa B

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bill808 Premium
Amazon expects $10 K for the franchise and an additional $30K in liquid assets to keep it going.
LouisaB Premium
I can bet this is indeed what it sounds like. Not for me either.
wendyg53 Premium
I think it sounds very labor intensive - with little residual income opportunities. I think I'll stick with blogging and affiliate marketing online. Yes, it still requires a lot of work, but the potential for decent residual/passive income is much better.
LouisaB Premium
Wendy you do have a point. It sure doesn't seem like
Something I don't want to get started in. Can you imagine
the hard labor it will take to keep it up!
WendaSue Premium
Very interesting Louisa B. How would we ever find the time to drive for Amazon?! LOL
All the best,
LouisaB Premium
Wendy, great question! It appears to me that Amazon is going to
Lease Amazon vans to all who want to. start their franchise.
You will have to recruit your own drivers.

Hum..$300.000 is a lot per year, but...
Well this doesn't sound like something I'm
interesting in.
NoMo9-5Grind Premium
I'd highly recommend doing your due diligence with this program before venturing into it if you are considering it.

Amazon is kinda like Vegas..... They did not become Super Wealthy by making other folks wealthy.

In my 35 years of transportation experience, Amazon is one of the lowest paying companies for delivery drivers and their expectations on completely unrealistic.

Factor in the rising cost of vehicle payment if applicable fuel, insurance, tires, oil changes, taxes, etc, etc, and it becomes a very low-income potential opportunity.

Amazon is consistently recruiting deliver drivers day after on Craig's list at a whopping $ 13- $13.50 per hr. In San Diego, that's about as close to poverty as one can get without the unfortunate aspect of being homeless.

I would encourage anyone to read reviews on Glass Door to ensure this would be a lucrative opportunity.

Just my 2 cents.

PoppaJoe Premium
I have to agree with Rob. Having spent many years myself in the business, it just isn't for the faint of heart. Yes logistics will have to play a very big part of it along with many other factors that can make delivery more affordable and safe.
Next time you see your delivery driver, ask how many drops in a day they make, locally. Why is it that you don't make left turns?

Employee, independent, what ever the relationship, many factors have to be dealt with and incidences too. Lost packages, who is responsible for insuring and so much more.

Glad I am done with those long years of rolling on the pavement and having to endure traffic as today's nightmares are just getting less desirable.
LouisaB Premium
Thank you for your 2 cents!

No, this isn't for me!

This is just information only!
LouisaB Premium
Rob, thank you for your 2 cents.
I most certainly agree to you and poppa

You're talking about hard work, another
Slave for wage situation.

This is not for me.

Great input!

Thank you!

Louisa B
Aero2806 Premium
What's this
LouisaB Premium
I guess Amazon have came up with another way to
Build their capital.