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Last Update: Feb 6, 2020

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It was 2018 when I joined WA. At the time, I wasn't sure if this was the platform for me. I was curious about affiliate marketing because I wanted to monetize my blog(s). To my surprise, I discovered a program that offered great training, guidance and support. From day one, there have been so many great people reaching out to say hello and welcome me, but more than that, whenever I had a question, someone from WA always took time out to help.

I discovered WA to be more than just a platform to learn about affiliate marketing. Instead, I discovered a community that helps you build an online business that is done with integrity, helping you step by step to learn what it takes to have a solid foundation so that you can succeed.

Initially, I rejected the thought of creating a niche, but the more I learned and understood the purpose, my desire to have a niche that I could and would target and connect to an audience that would follow me and stay connected grew. I'm now building an email list of customers who want to hear from me.

Since being a member of WA, I have both learned and refined skills.


I'm more mindful of the type of content I create, using specific keywords that directly relate to my niche. My blogs are much more personable, as if I'm speaking to a specific person because the end reader, I find tends to communicate because they feel the connection.


More than just blogging, I have improved my writing skills. Of course tools like spell check come in handy, but proper use of grammar (things you forget when you have been out of college for years), storytelling, tone, researching and referencing skills, have all strengthened because I'm implementing the principles every time I sit down to write.


Headlines have become very important to me. I pay more attention to headlines in the emails I personally receive, in newspapers, on magazine covers and online content as I search the web. I use a tool, it's called Headline Analyzer which measure Emotional Marketing Value. I discovered it because I try to create strong headlines, and at the time I started to study the "how" in creating headlines, I could not afford some paid options. This tool is free.

If you may be interested, here is the link to the Headline Analyzer tool.

Keyword Searching:

It wasn't until I started learning thru WA did I realize that keywords can be a phrase and in some cases a sentence. I used to think it was just a couple of words. Knowing how to properly search keywords has been amazing! I have list of content ideas that continue to grow, just from learning to use keywords to help generate inspiration.


Beyond using affiliate links and ads, I have learned several marketing techniques that have helped me implement successful strategies. The ability to promote my blogs and affiliate links through email, social media, Facebook advertising and guest blogging is helping me build momentum with my blog(s).

It feels really good to be in a place where I feel I'm moving forward. I'm doing something that I love. I'm creating meaningful content. I'm helping to solve problems and offer solutions to those in my niche and building an email list of loyal followers.

In addition I'm part of a community that cares about people. WA is truly a support system that is interested in your success.

There is always positive news, great information and awesome training with many connecting and reaching out every day. This is one platform that you can always visit to get that pat on the back, get encouragement or help you figure out a challenge.

This is a good feeling and great energy.

Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate, this is the reason I'm still here.

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Yes Lorrie,
WA is definitely the best!

Great post, Lorrie! I will be looking into the headline analyzer tool!

I have never been a part of a community to is so welcoming and helpful.

Great post! Keep it up.

Such a good post Lorrie. You have really approached everything with such a clinical eye. I love the progress you have made and done in such an organised manner.
Your post should be a template for those who want to strive to be successful.

Well said, Lorrie, we are in a pretty unique space in the online marketing world.

It is so cool to share this journey with like minded people.

Great reminders.

Thanks for sharing that headline analyzer.


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