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Last Update: April 09, 2017

I woke up breathing, so I know its going to be a beautiful day. The weather is great, sun is shining and the yard is calling. Its time to clean out the flower beds rake up the dead grass, trim some bushes, and pull out the dandelions that are already raising their heads to greet me this year. Now I must say the dandelion is my favorite flower, they were the only bouquet in the house the whole time the kids were growing up, now they are back in the house because of the grandkids.

Well WA, I hope you all woke breathing too, and are already up enjoying this fantastic day.

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TTedesco1 Premium
That all makes for ....Happy Days...Lets all enjoy our days ..ahead...
markr0675 Premium
Happy happy!!!
paulgoodwin Premium
garland1 Premium
Yes, it is going to be a Beautiful Day!!
Labman Premium
Any day that you are on the top side of the turf is a good day.