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So I wanted to do one of those new year’s posts about wanting 20/20 vision in 2020 or having perfect vision in 2020 and so I decided to do a little research about it. It was enlightening.Haven't we always heard that 20/20 vision is the best vision you can have? When most people hear the term 20/20 vision or find out they have 20/20 vision, they understand that to mean that they have perfect vision. They don’t hesitate to share that they have perfect 20/20 vision and do not know what
So, today I got my first paid referral.Was it exciting? YesIt was my twin sisterAnd I gifted her the yearly technically, I still made money....
November 12, 2019
So I have been literally invisible on here and on my sites for like 3 months. I have done nothing and hadn't done but maybe 16 posts on either site. Traffic has only been handfuls at a time or sometime none. But I checked my Amazon Affiliate Account and saw that someone bought something from my links!! I made a whole 66 cents!! I'll take it, especially since I have not really don't enough to earn it in the last few months!!
UGH....So I am back from being out of town and away from all computer work, both here on Wealthy Affiliate and anything else. I had a great time at the conference that I went to and the time away took away a lot of pressure I put on myself. But I think it went too far the other way from a motivational standpoint, because now I can't seem to get back into the swing of things. My mind can't seem to fix on anything. And that is not just on here in Wealthy Affiliate because here isn't the thing I c
Hey, my friends!! Don't worry. I'm not really going anywere. I just have to be out of town and have a conference next week. So between time spent in my car traveling and how I'll be around people all the time, I won't really have time to be on here.BUT, I WILL BE BACK!!I think this break will be good for me. I did add some content to my sites right before I left, so hopefully they won't suffer too much from my absence.Have a good week, my friends!!God Bless,Jessica
Hey Hey Hey!! Everything in Wealthy Affiliate land!! A couple weeks ago, I had invested in a new domain name. I was just reserving it at the time. I wasn't really going to work on it yet. Well, last week, I decided to at least start it. So I made the website and did the "About Me" page and "Privacy Policy." I took basically all last weekend off of WA and working on my site. I am not a full-time affiliate and have life stuff going on. But I got on today and was working on my first site. When I w
July 27, 2019
Today is my one month birthday today!! It's been a great ride so far. No income yet, but I'm having a great time.I love learning this business. There's much out there!I will welcome any income that comes my way eventually, but I'm so glad that the learning keeps going. I have been kind of offline for a bit because I was putting way too much pressure on myself.I got on yesterday and got a great message-----Google had found me!!I was ecstatic!! I couldn't believe it had happened this soon. Especi
I'm here to shout it from the rooftops!! My site has been indexed by Google!!It doesn't really get any visitor yet, but it's been found!!I was beginning to lose hope and then I checked my account a few minutes ago and got the notification when I logged on!!It gives me hope that I'm getting better at finding keywords. I had started the Affiliate Bootcamp. I didn't think I would get indexed for a while because it's a saturated market.Celebrate with me!! Dance Party!! THROW YOUR OWN DANCE BELOW!!
July 22, 2019
Hello, all my fellow Wealthy Affiliate people!!I was able to get back into it a little bit after the migraine weekend. I have not been able to give this the attention I really wanted.Life seems to sometimes get the best of us and things like to pop up when you least expect it. It happens to all of us. I'm currently trying to get into a groove of some kind with this...I don't have any kind of rhythm or anything.It takes me forever when I first get on the computer to get started or focused becaus
Happy Saturday, my friends!!I had grand plans for today to get so much done on here.I wanted to get further in the Bootcamp training.I was traveling all day yesterday so I didn't get to do anything for the entire day.But the headache started from when I woke up yesterday. Thank God I wasn't traveling alone or it might have gotten more intense earlier.But eventually, intensify it did. So by the time I got home I had to lay down. And then was vomiting and nauseous soon after.I made it an early ni