Back At It But The Motivation Isn't There.

Last Update: August 15, 2019


So I am back from being out of town and away from all computer work, both here on Wealthy Affiliate and anything else.

I had a great time at the conference that I went to and the time away took away a lot of pressure I put on myself.

But I think it went too far the other way from a motivational standpoint, because now I can't seem to get back into the swing of things.

My mind can't seem to fix on anything. And that is not just on here in Wealthy Affiliate because here isn't the thing I can concentrate the most time on.

But, I was doing better on my sites here. Now it seems my ideas are gone, my words aren't there anymore.

Well, I'll have to see what I can do to get back in it.

What have you done when your motivation has been low.

Please give me advice below....

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ColleenLVSJC Premium
Hi Jessica...there's a lot to learn and do when we arrive here. Sometimes with all of the other things happening in our lives we can hit overload and overwhelm while doing the training. I know I did. I have had a lot going on behind the scenes in my life since I arrived here. But I still get in here and take some kind of action daily.

I suggest taking your time with the training and working on at least one WA task each day related to your website. Then go do something non-WA that you enjoy, like take a walk. You'll come back refreshed and with a fresh set of eyes to look at your website.

Blessings! :)
DarrenNicola Premium
Hi, I just put a blog up yesterday that may interest you.

One of the things that keeps me motivated is being helpful to others.

Spending time on the WA network just encouraging and helping others will always inspire new ideas for writing content.

You can do this.

Your greatest victories are still ahead of you.

All the best and never give up

Darren :)
GaryPage1 Premium
Maybe it's just human nature but to get me motivated there has to be a reason I get motivated like what's in it for me?. I don't mean this in a spoiled kid fashion but I think everyone thinks it.
Am I being correct or just acting like a brat?
pringlebrian Premium
Take a break! A little rest will help you with both projects. Seems to me you reached a point of burnout. Simply step away for a break from all influences if nothing else just for a couple days. This will allow you to be more productive in all areas...just my 2 cents.

Good luck, I am sure you will be fine!
LoneWolf83 Premium
I did step away. I haven't been on for like two weeks b/c I was at a missions getting back to it is hard
BarbaraBC Premium
I wrote an article on my website about motivation.
We have all been there. Different things work for different people.
What has worked for me:
Writing out every goal I have; short and long term
Setting 3 short term goals for the day
Getting a cup of coffee!
Cut yourself some slack
Journal about your mental block

I bet some really good advice will start rolling in.
Best to you,