Thrown off my groove.

Last Update: July 22, 2019

Hello, all my fellow Wealthy Affiliate people!!

I was able to get back into it a little bit after the migraine weekend.

I have not been able to give this the attention I really wanted.

Life seems to sometimes get the best of us and things like to pop up when you least expect it.

It happens to all of us.

I'm currently trying to get into a groove of some kind with this...

I don't have any kind of rhythm or anything.

It takes me forever when I first get on the computer to get started or focused because I don't really know what to do.

How do you get started? Do you have some kind of routine??

Those who have been on here for a while and have more than one site going. Do you have a list or certain things you like to get done when you first get on? Maintenance? Things like that?

I know that this might differ from person to person, but do you have some time of routine?

Anybody have any tips for this??

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VitaliyG Premium
In the beginning the main goal is this:

Write at least one blog post a day (3-4 a week is fine too).

Then from there, research more keywords for future content creation.

Whenever I wake up, I make sure to eat something light and something that won't make my brain feel like it's being pulled by an anchor.

I find when I drink coffee and/or eat just eggs, I'm good, but if I eat something like a waffle or cheese, I feel like my mind can't focus for my life.

The diet is a huge part of this Jessica and overtime, you will find your own groove to make you perform best at this.
LoneWolf83 Premium
Thanks. I appreciate the advice. It’s hard because I am not full time at this so finding time to put into it is a little hard
VitaliyG Premium
That is also normal for the first couple of months but if you're doing the training you are going to be fine Jessica. You're welcome to PM me your site so I can see if it's on its way, since I did refer you here :)
lesabre Premium
Hi Jessica, my first objective is to look at all the e-mail's. I try to answer as many as possible.

Then it is off to my site check to see if there have been any new updates. Check Google and Bing and then it is back to more e-mails.

Right now I am doing some research on insomnia so I can write an article for my site.

The next thing I know, I either fall asleep at my desk or feel caught up enough to hit my beautiful bed and the awaiting soft pillows.

Hope your migraines have gone away.

Best wishes,

LoneWolf83 Premium
Thanks so much. I’m having some health issues and am also not full time at this business so I’m trying to find what works for me
EdwinBernard Premium
I do most of my blogging work late at night. During the day I check my notifications and respond to all the relevant ones. My goal is to write two website posts a week and one for WA.

My first priority is to answer members who have replied to my posts or responses.

Next I thank members for adding me to their network.

I love reading others blogs and leaving a comment.

Many members ask questions and don’t get answers. I search for those and answer them where I can.

Since I have a good idea of the articles I’ll be writing for my website, I do keyword research during the day and save the results. When I begin to write my blogs at night, I have them ready.

There are no fixed times during the day when I work on my online business. I fit the above tasks in whenever I can.

About once a week I’ll check Google Analytics and Search Console to review my stats. At the moment they’re nothing to brag about. Long way to go before I’ll see meaningful results.

Friday evening is my live webinar date with Jay Neil. About once a week I’ll take in a Training by another member on a topic that interests me.

There you have tips based on what I do. Hope you find this helpful.


LoneWolf83 Premium
Thanks. I’m trying to get the most out of my time but it’s hard when life is still happening and you have to get things done
JKulk1 Premium
Migraines are a shocking thing. I suffered them when I was younger, fortunately I now only suffer from blind headaches, with these you lose your vision for a while but there's no headache.
As for getting started, the hardest part for me is actually sitting down at my desk and starting, once I've accomplished that and start typing the words just keep flowing out. Jim
LoneWolf83 Premium
Same. It’s hard to stay focused. I have so much to do besides this business. I’m trying to figure it out
JKulk1 Premium
It's not easy when you have other commitments. I run an offload be business that keeps me very busy. But I do love this affiliate marketing thing.
techhound Premium
Sorry for the migraine experience. I know people who suffer from that.
You need to have a plan. Sunday nights, plan out your week. Determine the content you'll want to create for your website. Include any social media interactions.
You may also want to create an editorial calendar which helps you plan for several months in advance. Try to include a realistic plan of what you'll be able to accomplish. It's always better to do small chunks of work consistently rather than several hours one day, then get burnt out, and overwhelmed. Even 15-minute chunks will go a long way if you are consistent with them.

BTW, all of this is for whether you have one website or ten. If you have multiple sites, you factor that into your plan.

Best Regards,