Google Found My Other Website! Indexed.

Last Update: July 30, 2019

Hey Hey Hey!! Everything in Wealthy Affiliate land!!

A couple weeks ago, I had invested in a new domain name. I was just reserving it at the time. I wasn't really going to work on it yet.

Well, last week, I decided to at least start it. So I made the website and did the "About Me" page and "Privacy Policy."

I took basically all last weekend off of WA and working on my site. I am not a full-time affiliate and have life stuff going on.

But I got on today and was working on my first site. When I went to SiteManager to check the health of my site.

I saw on my new domain that it had already been indexed by Google!! How cool!!

I didn't have any posts on it yet or anything yet.

This is exciting!! Things are happening!!

I went ahead and wrote a post on it, just because I wanted to get some info out there.

Now I'm working on getting Google Analytics on it so I can see what kind of traffic I'm getting....

Let's have a dance party again!!

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Jessibelle72 Premium
Way to go! Congratulations!
Janet1919 Premium
Vickic3 Premium
Good to see Jessica and I know you will experience loads of exciting moments as you grow so enjoy it all and success is yours
BonnieMyers1 Premium
congregates. We are moving up town. Hurray!
kenburgess70 Premium
Congrats! Isn't it amazing what just a little bit of working on a website will do? Just imagine if you had time to work on your sites full-time! Well done!