When A Migraine Strikes.The Work Stops.

Last Update: July 20, 2019

Happy Saturday, my friends!!

I had grand plans for today to get so much done on here.

I wanted to get further in the Bootcamp training.

I was traveling all day yesterday so I didn't get to do anything for the entire day.

But the headache started from when I woke up yesterday. Thank God I wasn't traveling alone or it might have gotten more intense earlier.

But eventually, intensify it did. So by the time I got home I had to lay down. And then was vomiting and nauseous soon after.

I made it an early night and went to bed.

I'm feeling much better now, though I wasn't able to get out of bed until noon.

I'm still feeling a bit weak and my head is still feeling a little bad.

So when I'm feeling like this, I know a few things.

No being on my phone. No working on my computer. Both of those things could make it worse because my eyes don't like the strain.

So, I got on here to say hello to everyone, and to write this blog to vent some frustration.

I hope all of ya'll rock it today!! You're amazing!!

I've got to go lay down.

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Brenda63 Premium
I too suffer from migraines but I found that Meclizine 25mg works. haven't had any since then. Everyone is different. Hope you will feel better soon. I used to be on Imitrex, hate that drug but found something better. Another thing that worked was putting peppermint oil over my forehead with an ice pack. it worked wonders but for some people, it wouldn't work. I had to try many different things to find what works for me. I know the feeling. Hate that. For me, it gets worse on hot days. I need to be careful to make sure my room is dark and cool. Feel better soon, ya hear me?
lesabre Premium
Hi Jessica,

I try to go herbal on any ailment I have. Saying this I hope it does not increase the pain you are feeling.

I used to pop two Tylenol 500 mg and in most cases this would work. Problem, there are side effects to almost every pharmaceutical medication you take. For me it is not good for my liver.

My site is based on alternatives, I call it "God"s Pharmacy".

This may not taste the best, but if you mix it with your favorite juice, it will taste better.

A shot glass, (no you will be pouring something else in it). Well that is an ounce. Here we go:

1 ounce Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
1 teaspoon Himalayan Pink salt
Half a glass of your favorite fruit juice
Stir and drink it at your own pace, within two minutes that is.

ACV does produce saliva, just so you are aware.

All natural, no side effects. Works for stomach problems and many other ailments. For headache/migraine relief the Himalayan salt is necessary, same with stomach problems.

Braggs ACV, is a proven asset to have in your kitchen cabinet. Also throw out your white table salt and start using the Himalayan salt. The prices are about the same.

Best wishes,

EHR Premium
I will be praying for you. Gene
VitaliyG Premium
Hi Jess, I'm not a doctor, but I have found that against migraines, physical activity (light) typically works. If I go for a walk during a migraine, it really improves the condition. That's just been my personal experience.