My First Amazon Sale

Last Update: November 12, 2019

So I have been literally invisible on here and on my sites for like 3 months. I have done nothing and hadn't done but maybe 16 posts on either site. Traffic has only been handfuls at a time or sometime none. But I checked my Amazon Affiliate Account and saw that someone bought something from my links!! I made a whole 66 cents!!

I'll take it, especially since I have not really don't enough to earn it in the last few months!!

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Isaiah14 Premium
Great to hear!
ExpatMark Premium
Congratulations Jessica. The first one is the hardest.
lesabre Premium
Hi Jessica, congratulations that is a great start. Wishing you continued success.

Erra74 Premium
Maybe you shouldn't be so invisible?
People will help you!
LoneWolf83 Premium
I’m not invisible on here b/c I don’t know what to do. It’s b/c I just haven’t had time to do anything on here.
LoneWolf83 Premium
I have also been not in the work either
Imageguy55 Premium
Every little bit counts. You know that you are doing something right.