Online Corona infection is spreading quickly!

Last Update: Mar 25, 2020

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I see a lot of advertisements online from people who want to take advantage of promoting products and the money making business. We all know that this means hard work and it is not easy. And sometimes it is not a foregone conclusion for everyone. If you talk to someone about the affiliate business, stay honest.

Criminals respond to current events.

There is so much Corona scam online.

  • Face masks and sanitizers are offered at extortionate prices and are not even delivered afterwards.
  • There are apps in circulation with the latest news or tips about the Corona virus that can infect your phone or break into your address book. The fake Android app offers you to follow live how the virus spreads.
  • Fake websites shoot up like mushrooms.
  • People who work from home are bombarded with phising emails. The appendix contains important information about the virus. If you open the attachment, the computer will be infected with malware, such as ransomware.
  • In emails and text messages, supposedly from your bank, you are asked to enter your bank details on a fake site. So-called because you get an antibacterial debit card or because your account is quarantined.
  • Google and Facebook take the wind out of the sails by banning masks for ads. Trade in mouth masks and gels continues on international platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon and eBay.

Don't fall for the trap and learn to distinguish fake from real.

Save yourself a lot of frustration and disappointment. Watch these points to really distinguish from fake.

  1. Check the name of the website, is it correct or is there an extra dot or line in the name?
  2. Does the web address contain a product name? Official websites never have that. for example
  3. Note the logo. Webshops with only "Shopping" - "Online" - "Brand" are created thousands at a time.Fake logo PDF
  4. Be extra careful with designer clothes and brand shoes. High discounts and everything in stock.
  5. Pay attention to crooked sentences and language errors.
  6. A fake webshop has no contact information. And if it does have a phone number, call it to see if it's a working number. Send an email to the mail addres, with fake addresses you will get an undelivery message from your provider.
  7. You can often only pay with a credit card.
  8. Trustmarks are forged on a large scale. Double check if they are correct.

Sty safe, Stay healthy, Stay at home :)

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Fakes are very much in proliferation. Do not be an innocent victim we need to learn the red flags. We should be watchful. Great post. 🏆🥇🆗👌🥉🏅🎯✨⭐👍

Thanks, always stay vigilant👍

Thank you Loes,
Lots of great tips, and especially to put the wolf in sheep's clothing detector on High Alert!
Some guy named Jude said these creatures come from their factory "twice dead." Which means they don't care how much they damage or hurt others. Why lose sleep if no matter how much bad they do, it won't change their zipcode, so to speak.

Most of us at WA come with those missing systems as standard equipment. They are: a heart of compassion for others, so we feel what they are feeling. And the second thing is we come with a moral compass,
Even if it wasn't active at installation, nurture or life experiences will activate the moral compass because it's still standard equipment and you came with it. They did not.
Loes, that was a really good teaching.
Those blue links even appear to be "live," but I didn't click on it, just in case. Proof I was learning, don't click. !!


They sure have a lack of moral in their parental education, the first link is an imaginairy link, it doesn't lead nowhere, the second link shows An image of all fake logo's you can detect online. No problem to click both of them. I wouldn't dreams of bringing wa-ers in jeopady.

When new opportunities arrive, you can guarantee the uglies will be at the head of the class, sad but true. When I had my own business for 17 years, I sold some expensive items to a small company and they didn't pay me. At the time you could call up the banks and ask if the account had funds available and they said no.I was sitting on a bounced check. I called the bank every 2 days and finally the bank said yes. I went to my bank an said you have to put this through today. The check cleared and one day he called about something and says to me You really got me didn't you. It was one of the few times I got even. Sad. Thank you for your share.

The audacity! Yoú gót him ?? Haha, the world up-side-down. I hope you bought a really big pint from it to celebrate!

Hi Loes,
Excellent tips as always! These scammers are always out to get people any way they can, either online or calling on the phone...just had another one of those "your social security card has been suspended" calls on my answering machine the other day, lol!

Thanks for sharing, Loes! Stay healthy and safe :)

Best wishes :) ~Sherry

I get weekly email about my Visa creditcard has been blocked, the thing is that I don't have a visa creditcard 😜

Thank you for sharing this very useful and needed information, Loes!

It sure is getting horrible online right now 🙄 last night I spent hours changing all my passwords (there's A LOT) because suddenly all my accounts were being logged into from different areas of the world and on unrecognized devices.

I'm fed up!

If only there was something we could do about these spammers/scammers taking advantage of so many people! This information helps, for sure!

All the best

They are horrible for sure😱 I did that 3 months ago, a lot of work

You're telling me! I've never had to do it before so I wasn't aware. Till last night that is. Holy moly it's time consuming! Very important though 🤷

I know, I have a system now, the first characters are all the same, then a follow-up number with a,b,c
When they hack the password I will know where the leak is

Wow, that's genius! ☺️

Thank you, works like a charm.

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