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April 22, 2019
Every morning I wake up, I am thinking Wealthy Affiliate. Every evening before my head hits the pillow, I am thinking Wealthy Affiliate. Every day, all day long, I am thinking Wealty Affiliate!It is both exciting and exhausting!. WHY PUSH SO HARD?Actually, my family has been asking me lately, why I am pushing so hard with Wealthy Affiliate. My best answer is "It's my business. I want to lay a good foundation before I put up the walls and roof. " I can see their concern.I have tried so many thi
April 01, 2019
Every day in every way, I work to be more than I was yesterday. I find it keeps me going in this world. Once you retire, what does the world have to offer? Well, I have found WA to be a great way to continue in life and feel as if I have a great purpose. I am learning and growing, plus I get to help others. I have met so many new wonderful friends here and that is a true blessing.FOUR MONTHSI am moving into my 4th month here at WA. That may not sound like a long time, but I feel like I have be
March 25, 2019
I have to tell you all how I struggled to figure out AdSense for my blog. I did everything it told me to do in set-up. Nothing seemed to happen. So I installed a header/footer plug-in and inserted the code as directed. Nothing seemed to happened.I asked a community question, got lots of support and suggestions. I applied all I was taught. Nothing seemed to happen.I was convinced I was doing something so basic and so wrong, but just could not see the problem.Then one day there were AdSense ads o
March 21, 2019
New Accomplishment Badge Earned!3Certification, Movin' On Up!I am in month 3 and ready to move on to my next certification. This one took a bit longer as I had to figure out adsense and google analytics and affiliates. Not ready to run yet, still taking those baby steps. Each day is an eye opener for me. Learning so much! Happy In BubblesMiss Linda
March 20, 2019
This morning while doing my meditation, my vision became very clear. Through all my personal development training over the years I have come to realize that our thoughts are real. We are what we think. Kind of like, we are what we eat!Once a thought comes to mind, it will manifest into reality. Not always a positive thing for some, so we want to have some control. This idea of manifestation is confusing to some. We are not wizards of course, but we have an immense power to create, good or bad.
February 27, 2019
Help Please.... is it possible I am afraid to succeed? I am still early in my training and feel pleased with my progress, well, until lesson three. Why am I still on lesson 3?Lesson 3 teaches me how to find affiliate programs. It teaches me how to link this into my blogs. Not difficult, but why haven't I done it?I find all kinds of things to do besides my assignments. Procrastination at its best!I can actually see myself reaching success, but there seems to be a wall of terror holding me back.
January 31, 2019
I'm heading back to the farm and that means slow internet! I stay in the city several weeks each month and I have been working on the computer as much as possible learning my lessons here at WA.Starting to feel a bit nervous about whether I will be able to keep up when my internet doesn't support my enthusiastic efforts. Wish me luck.Happy In BubblesMiss Linda
January 22, 2019
I have just completed a Certification Course. That's 10 full lessons of learning, and I've taken tons of action by doing this. Patting myself on the back. LOLIt amazes me how far I have come in such a short time. I wonder if others feel the same. I am just into my 2nd month of training and I'm pushing forward. I have become a Premium member so I can take full advantage of this platform here at WA. I don't regret a moment of it or the money spent.When I looked at my choices: Monthly, 6 Months, o
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January 21, 2019
Hi All, My first website is working its way into the realm of existence! Thanks to my WA family. Sailing right along with my training. Slow and Easy as everyone tells me. Of course, comments are always welcome on my blogs and greatly appreciated if you are so inclined. I am Premium now and hoping the end of the year will show some small profit from my work. Large profit would be even greater, but I will stay slow and easy and not jump ahead of myself! I realize I am just at the tip of the ice
I just turned the corner and I'm heading down the road to SUCCESS! Wow, this woman is ready to take on the challenge.NEW SUPPORT SYSTEMFinally, I have found the support system I need to move forward in my journey. Wealthy Affiliates is more than just a platform to work from, it is a whole community of like-minded individuals who pull together to make it happen. Truly, I have never felt more welcome and secure in a program as I do with Wealthy Affiliates. STELLAR TRAININGIt only took me a few da