Never know Who You Will Meet.

Last Update: April 24, 2017

This morning my daughter and I went to the grocery store and met the most joyful man I have ever met. He was humbly sitting on a bench just smiling and talking to people as they walked by. He had a business suit on but didn't seem like he was going anywhere.

While my daughter and I was passing he asked about my daughter and the weather. We talked for about 5 minutes as I waited for my husband to pick us up.

Then, he started to tell his story: He has been homeless for the last two years and has been living out his car. Day after day he wears his suit in hopes to get a job interview or at least an application. Everyday he heads to the library to fill out more applications and visit the companies a couple days later to see if they were willing to give him an interview. Apparently, he was very wealthy and lost it all due to stupidity.

Although he lost it all, he was still so JOYFUL. He sat there and looked at peace with himself. He stated that he hated what happened in his life but he was so GRATEFUL that it did. He was very wealthy and had it all, But, when he lost it all, he stated that he felt so much JOY. He felt free.

When my husband arrived and we got him some food. We ate and laughed as he told about his life, his family etc.My husband and I asked to take him somewhere to a shelter or something. He accepted the offer and we talked on the way.

We watched him go into the building and soon my husband discovered that he left $100 on the seat, My husband ran in the building to give him back his money, We figured it fell out his pocket, When my husband ran to the door, THE DOOR WAS LOCKED. But, that didn't make sense because the man just opened the door like 20 seconds ago. He didn't use a key or anything.

We knocked on the door and soon a security guard came to the door and we asked where did the man go. However, the guard stated that no one came in because the building is closed until 5pm. We told him a man just came in...but he stated that HE WAS SITTING THERE THE WHOLE TIME.

My husband and I was freaked out a little bit. This has never happened before and I don't take too well with stuff like this lol.

We don't who that guy was but he taught us a lot today and I know that I am more grateful to be where I am today because there is something so much greater out there whether we believe it or not.

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Pernilla Premium
Liz, what a wonderful experience you had.
We have to keep happenings like this in our hearts.
AGOgden Premium
...which is why I believe in angels who exist in our world are very fortunate...and blessed!
Liz1234 Premium
Thank you! And so do I!
MKearns Premium
Clearly he was employed but by a Higher CEO!
Liz1234 Premium
Haha Maybe!
botipton Premium
Wow what a wonderful story and yes it does happen.
Liz1234 Premium
yea! lol
ErinLight Premium
WOW, all I have to say is it gave me tingles just reading this! Makes you wonder sometimes in life, maybe he was still wealthy and wanted to bring some perspective to this world.

It was nice you got to learn something from him.
Liz1234 Premium
Yes, we don't even know if he was real lol =D