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Last Update: Dec 2, 2016


Like a FB Page as Your Own Page

***UPDATE*** These instructions only work on a desktop computer or laptop, these menu buttons don't show on mobile.

It didn't used to be so hard to find how to Like another Facebook Page as my FB Page instead of my personal FB account... I finally found a way.

Usually when you go to a FB Page, you see the Like button at the bottom of the header photo. If you press this button, you are liking as yourself.

If you want to Like as your FB Page, then hover over the "...More" button, just three buttons right of the Like button, then choose option "Like as Your Page". Done, you have now liked another Page with your own Page. :)

Unfortunately, you have to go into the Page to find this "...More" button. You can't just search a topic and start liking the Pages with the Like button on the results page in FB, you'll have to click into each Page you want to find that "...More" button..

To see the feed for the Pages you've liked as your Page, go to the list of things you have underneath your header photo to the right, under the "Search for posts on this Page", you'll see the option for "See Pages Feed":

When you click on that, you'll see the posts from the Pages you've liked as your Page. :)


Now, I don't have a lot on my Pages Feed and need more Pages to Like so I can fill up my Pages Feed with your posts!

Please comment below with your just your Facebook Page IDName (the part of your Facebook Page URL that's after Facebook dot com slash, i.e. mine is workanywherenow); and I'll like you as my FB Page.

If you can return the favor, awesome!

Thanks so much!

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Ok Grace! I will try to remember to do this when I get through this part of the training for creating leads from FB.

Awesome Lynette! I'm so happy to teach someone else something here! :)

Thanks Grace, I have followed you and here is my FB link:
All the best with your success!

Thank you found you! :) I also followed you on twitter but your Google+ link is broken. My other links are in my profile too. :)

Hi, wonderful information. Irv.

Thanks Irv!

Great info thank you.

Thanks Travis!

Many thanks for sharing that :)

Thanks Tosh!

Thanks for that Grace, LindaWorkingOnline :)

Thanks Linda, I'll like it when I get back to my desktop later this morning!

Hi Linda, your portion of the URL is actually Linda-Working-Online-1641123409512999 - Hope I got that right. :)

Sorry I did copy it but didn't paste it, thought you'd only need the name :( All good it's the right one, haven't done much with it..

Thanks Linda, no worries, we're all good. :)

Thanks for sharing, Grace. I'll have a FB page soon.

Okay let me know when you do! :)

Yes, I will. Haven't used social networking or FaceBook for years now. Should get started and now have reasons to...

That's great!

Thanks for sharing Grace. Unfortunately this "Like as your page" option isn't available on my Android mobile phone. It IS available on my laptop though. I am off to Like your page now.

Awesome Craig, I'll return the favor!

I can't do it on my iPhone either so I'll do it from desktop. :)

Ace :)

Thanks for the post

Thanks Marsean!

Great share thanks.

You're welcome! Do you have a Facebook Page?


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