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Last Update: February 24, 2014

In the past I have had a website URl: I also own the domain I have changed both domains over to WA. I Have a facebook page, a twitter page, and a google page associated with I want my site at WA to have the and still use the existing social media pages Is that possible and how do I do that?

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WrightA Premium
If you have already moved both domains over to WA then you should be able to use the social media without any problems. Social media doesn't care that you've changed webmaster programs.
lionelp Premium
When I moved to WA the www. was removed. Will that cause the web to see a different web address? As I pointed out in the original blog the Url's are obviously different with dashes between each word; isn't that a different address? If you click anyone of the link in the original blog, neither will direct you to my site. But type in "" you will be directed to my new WA website. Is the deletion of the www. the reason my social media sites won't take me to my new website?
WrightA Premium
The link worked just fine for me. It is the same site whether or not you include the www. I get the same site when I type it directly into the url without the www. The site name with the dashes is a separate site and I get a WA welcome when I click on it, which tells me the content has not been moved or created yet.
nomda ploom Premium
they exist independently of one another.
you can call in your Twitter and FB feeds and specify how far back they go.
I can't see a problem with this at all- unless I am missing summat?
I am always reminded that angling/fishing is just about the most popular participant sport in the world.
I am sure you are having a blast.
Best wishes, Andy