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Last Update: January 23, 2016

UPDATE: January 22, 2016

Wealthy Affiliate, the only online organization that gives so much to its membership that its brilliance and integrity continues to amaze and surprise members. This platform and what it offers to anyone willing to learn how to launch an online business just keeps shining brighter and brighter ...and, yes getting oh so much BETTER!

The below original post of the great characteristics on the first and front page of Wealthy Affiliate needed to be updates to include the marvelous new ability to purchase our domains within Wealthy Affiliate. Well, you can't have a post about the great features and not acknowledge the fantastic upgrades and updates that are made to the platform. That just wouldn't do!

So....Wealthy Affiliate...now you can purchase your domain here too, and seemlessly compose and publish your website. "Brilliantly "'fluff free'" interface". All I can say is WOW! and Whoo Hoo Wealthy Affiliate design and support team, awesome hardly does this addition to our platform justice!

Every day I 'login' to my Wealthy Affiliate membership I learn something new, experience something wonderful, or discover something AWESOME! I really believe that we do thrive while making our sites come alive. AND its possible because we have found a gem, an honest to goodness real life, precious and trustworthy gem. The company and education we have come to know as our Wealthy Affilitate!

Today is another day when this organization has raised the bar. Why anyone would try to learn how to develop an internet business with any other company boggles my mind.

Maybe you haven't logged in from the front page of Wealthy Affiliate for a bit? You really should go and take a look at a new front page feature that introduces new folks to our organization and community. Its GOOD! And when it comes to first impressions it's ,,,,it's ...... it's so bloody AWESOME!

A new person coming to the home page can see several of the marvelous features of our learning community, starting at Education, then Websites, ( and a great big Ta Da!) Domains, Community, Success, About Us then the offer to Sign-up and our Login tab.

I'm so EXCITED! When a person comes to this first page from a link we may have shared to introduce Wealthy Affiliate to them they will come to this clean, responsive, leaves a good first impression front page. Oh my goodness! I love it! And I love how we get to know our organization better with the info in the About Us! Every day aren't you glad for the community that exists here? Grateful for the help and the encouragement we get to not stay stuck but to ask questions?

Doesn't your heart feel good when you know you have positively affected someone, we hope for the better and for their continued progress? Isn't this one of many reasons why we 'login' every day so that we can work on our websites while reaching out to help others, 'paying-it-forward' whenever we can? Yes, I dare say, absolutely YES it is!!!

Maybe a new person to the WA platform hasn't taken the step to try out the many and varied WA services with their free, no credit card required, 'Starter Membership'.

Maybe they haven't taken the time to jump into one of the classroom discussions to see how answers to their website development can be found.

Maybe they haven't used the 'Need help (insert your name)? Ask your question here...' feature at the top of their Wealthy Affiliate screen where questions much like the one they are asking has already been asked...and the answer is just waiting right there for them to click on.

Maybe they haven't taken the time to get to know other members and to reach out and help, even if it's just a kind word. So much is possible when we don't get stuck in our own head and forget that someone else may be struggling, for whatever reason.

Or seen some of the wonderful contributions to training, or encouragement... Like this training created by Sharon.

Here is the link so you can watch it:


Maybe they haven't stayed around long enough to get to know the success stories within our community, folks who have worked hard and are now reaping the benefits.

You can find them. Just look at the Top 25, the WA Ambassadors. You will see them in that rank.

Maybe....well, just maybe, the new folks that jump into the Wealthy Affiliate education and community have been burned by the awful grabbing and dishonest scammers in the internet world and just don't realize what a sparkling gem they have just discovered by landing on Wealthy Affiliate.

Maybe...that very new person won't get what a fantastic place this is with the insightful and truly functional updates and upgrades Wealthy Affiliate launches, many of them all year long.

Of course, the most recent being the addition of purchasing one's domain right here:

Here is what I have to say...And YOU, You Say What?

As far as I am concerned, and I know many others share this mindset, we are here to stay, even when the business we are building is alive and doing well, we intend to stay! And for anyone who is hesitating! Don't do that! Really! You don't have anything to loose as long as you are willing to buck up and do the work of creating your business, You will become a shining star in your chosen niche. You will amaze and surprise yourself at what you are capable of ... while you receive the support of this remarkable community, its support staff and the founders. If you do the work the help will be there to bring your creation, your business, to life

Whoo HOO Kyle and Carson!

Another job and concept well done!

One final word, friends. So very much is possible within the platform and services provided by Wealthy Affiliate. I have barely skimmed the surface of the many services and features. Don't wait to start your journey. If you have to take a break to handle what life throws at you we will still be here when you come back. Point is come back. But don't leave if you can avoid it, because your membership fee is worth every red cent you invest even if your work has to go into a stall for a bit. I know because I've been there. Just don't quit!

Today is the only time you have. Thrive, right here, with Wealthy Affiliate, while you bring your business alive! Embrace your potential and put your awesome talents, skills, insights and passions into action... right here.

I look forward to what you will creatively bubble to the surface!

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Dmorrow Premium
Well said Linda. WA truly is the most awesomely awesome affiliate marketing group. I cannot imagine anyone going anywhere else either! In fact, I've seen a good many posts from people who have left other programs to come over to WA.

lindasea Premium
Thank you Miss Debby for your comment and sharing your observation. Across the miles many smiles! And hope for rest and continued growth in your journey.
SuzQ Premium
You said it well...it is superbly awesome!
lindasea Premium
Thanks for reading along with me and for your lovely compliment. "Superbly awesome"...yup YOU have said it well.
KatieMac Premium
Great post and you are right this is a great place and there are even more improvements being worked on
lindasea Premium
Thank you, Katie, for reading and sharing your thoughts. Yes it is pretty amazing that improvements keep happening. Some pretty cool stats about that very thing on this new and improved home page for the WA site.

I look forward to what surprises Kyle and Carson and the team have in store for us! "-)

KatieMac Premium
me to Linda
PjGermain Premium
Well said, Linda!!!! Very nice!!! HOOAH!
lindasea Premium
Thank you PJ. There is so much to be happy about in having found this opportunity and its community. I went over to your profile to meet you...what a story you have. Good grief, shot in the chest once, and stabbed on three separate occasions, good grief....glad to have you on board here!

"Upright and verticle" a friend of mine used to say. He had that right!

Papi Premium
Absolutely true :)
lindasea Premium
Thank YOU, Edmund! I appreciate you taking a moment to read. I was just so excited to see the new features on the opening page for WA that I had to run a blithering line of WOOHOO by everyone. "-)
Papi Premium
And your enthusiasm is catching and shows how we are proud of where our lucky stars have brought us- WA :)