WOW the Energy is Amazing!

Last Update: November 03, 2020

Can you feel the fizz and the buzz? Is it energising you?

It is certainly affecting me, in real life and online.

Last night I went to bed with the energy on here in flux.

Many were loving it,some were unsure and some panicking.

I confess I did panic briefly when I couldn't log in but at that point I went to bed knowing that Kyle and Carson, along with the support team, would be working tirelessly to iron out the wrinkles.

This morning? Lo and behold all is working fine!

Will there be more hiccups? Oh, I expect so. It would be more surprising if there weren't with a platform this size with the massive changes going on.

We have to expect growing pains, its normal.

We do know though that without doubt, any problem big or small, even the minuscule will be sorted out pronto.

What you SHOULD be doing right now is tapping into this energy of excitement and heading to your sites to write.

Don't waste that buzz people, use it, you will write better than ever.


Because it will come through in your writing and your readers will feel it.

So stop worrying about the changes, embrace them and go do your best work ever.

WELL? What are you waiting for?

A quick like and comment here, then off you go to change the world with your amazing prose!!!!

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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hey Linda,

Thanks for the post and I'm glad that you can feel the ENERGY too. WA was absolutely buzzing today as it's been quite some time since we've made an update - some may have thought we were sitting on our laurels even. But with the update today comes a new chapter in our story at WA, and I know it will be a new chapter for many members as well. A new platform full of features and updates, and equally important, a platform to support the future.

Much more about the new platform tomorrow in our Official Blog post.
Linda103 Premium
I really can Carson, everytime I log on it makes me fizz with energy.
It has been building but now its just bubbling over, its brilliant.
I don't think anyone thought you were sitting on your laurels at all. We all know it must be non stop behind the scenes. You don't get a brilliant platform like this without it.
Looking forward to the Official blog post, thank you.
CordeliaN Premium
Great suggestion reusing the energy as some sort of rocket fuel.
Like you, I too was unable to login yesterday, and panicked not knowing what was afoot and even sent a message to Carson via Facebook..(by the way I loved how he appreciated and commented on your post, especially when you know just how busy they must have been)

For me that is what sets this platform apart, exciting times.
I'm know going to head over To the platform do a bit of research. But thank you for the inspirational team coach (before a game) talk... 👏👍
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Cordelia, it just makes sense to me. Why not use all that effervescent fizz to help your site, lol.
Glad you soon got sorted out. With such a massive upgrade it would be strange not to have some glitches.
Yes that was lovely of Carson to comment like that, I really appreciated it.
It does set this platform apart the continuing innovation to stay ahead of the game in the ever changing world of the internet.
philmedia Premium Plus
Great perspective Linda 👏 I share the view totally...
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Philip, its feels fantastic doesn't it.
philmedia Premium Plus
I think so as ever there will be different views and thats good 👍 I love it 😀
Trixie-belle Premium
Linda you are so right! the energy here is amazing - and the bonus trip to vegas? wow! I can't see how to 'like' your post but I'm sure this will be clearer going forward. Best.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Angela, so glad you can feel it too.