How do you see ranking here at Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: August 13, 2020

I just responded to Marcho88 as he has just returned.

He congratulated me on my rank being below 50. It's not something I think about or consider important for itself.

By that I mean I see it as a number but a useful number that for me works as a reminder of the way we work here.

We give back to the community, as in "Pay it forward", meaning we help others as we were helped.

What's that got to do with rank?

For me it's a reminder whether I have been active enough here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Reading and commenting on blogs, responding to questions, offering help etc.

It's not the rank, as in how high can you go, it's more the "I haven't done as much as I could have done".

Yes it can go higher, sometimes back into the hundreds or more as we take a step back for one reason or another. It could be deciding to totally focus on a website or websites for a while, could be real life getting in the way, health matters, or even that we just need a break.

All valid reasons that means a drop in ranking. Don't worry about it you can soon catch up on helping others, that's the important part, not the rank itself.

How do you see the ranking?

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Joezout Premium
I see it only as a number that applies to the fact that you are helping others. I never check the WA stats since it is only the whole number I care about or could care less about. Right now, I am putting some effort into trying to get it to 50, once there I think I will be devoting my time to my WA websites. Not all my time, but not enough time will be left to keep my rank in the low numbers. Only time will tell where I will end up, who knows what tomorrow holds.

Linda103 Premium
I agree with that Joe. Its good to give back to the community. Once our sites are where we want them to be then its easier to give more time to the community.
Twack Premium
Absolutely, a reflection of our efforts within the platform. I like how our rankings are split between categories as well. We then see how we are doing as a 'helper' or 'creator' and also our 'activity' in general.
They are good pointers that we can recognise and work on, if needs be.
Linda103 Premium
I have just discovered those categories Twack. Until you said I didn't know they existed.
Dear oh dear, I am rubbish at this. Just need 72 hours in a day and I will be fine.Lol.
Thank you for helping me discover that. I am very proud of you for being number 6.
Twack Premium
Why thank you Linda 😊. It was a while before I realised they were there, it's not a place I visit often. I think we are our own best judge to as to how much or little we do here.
I did have a discussion with Joe about extra hours and I'd be happy with just one (we could always battle for more at a later date) and as a selling point, it would make our days metric.😉
Cmbano19 Premium
Hi Linda,
Thanks for your question.
So far most of those who responded to your question rank in the 50s. Think of the number that ranks in the 5s. I try to keep mine low. Unfortunately, it has wide discouraging swings.

So, no matter how you value it I think the WA ranking has some undeniable values. Or else explain why those who rank in the low 100 try their best to maintain their ranks. This is one way I look at the ranking.

One other way I see it (the most important) is - it tells me the level of one's participation in the affairs of our community. Just imagine what the feelings of some newbies like me would be in the absence or without the help of those that rank in their low 200s.

Therefore there is no way the ranking (low ranks in particular), can be underrated or the indispensability of low rankers go unrecognized and appreciated.
Linda103 Premium
I hadn't actually noticed that Cal, until you said that.
The thing is, it all depends upon the amount of time you have to spare.If you work full time, then in your spare time its natural to spend more time on your website or websites.
If you can be consistent with commenting and blogging on the platform, answering questions etc then the rank moves up.
I do what I can to help others because I think it's important to "pay it forward" but there are times when there are many demands on me and I have to make a choice between here and website.

I agree the ranks can't be underrated because those higher up do a lot to help others. I like that WA encourages that because helping others on their journey is important.
I doubt its about the numbers though, more that they like to help where they can.
LatinNomad Premium
Its not important for me. I set myself the goal to be in the "top 5000".

Im now comfortably within that. But what I have found is that engaging with this amazing community is similar to engaging with a good local community. You learn so much & my site improves as I tweak it daily with improvements from tips & questions.

I honestly believe that engaging & acting as if we are "one", means we all win. We all succeed.

Working in partnership, in cooperation is so much more effective for everybody. We build trust & so improve further.

So engaging is a part of that & unlike say in an office its not a distraction as I typically do that when Im taking a break from research, learning or doing other work in the house. Often over a coffee, first thing in the morning or late at night.

That engagement that shows my "ranking" keeps me motivated to know Im part of the engaged community & all I follow, teach me something or motivate me at the start of my day or when I might be having a , "why am I doing this", moment.

Have a great day.

Linda103 Premium
I agree Trevor, I too learn a lot from others.

With you on that too about engaging and helping each other. It feels good to help someone to understand something that baffled me several months ago.

Helping each other is very important, it makes us all winners. This community is a rarity in that way, because we all readily help each other not because we must but because we want to.
Hope you have had a wonderful day.
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks Linda. Its been a great day. Just finished some non WA consultancy work too, but still managed 5 hours related to my site.

Have a great weekend.

Harris57 Premium Plus
Hi Linda, that's food for thought. Ranking to me is a good thing, but it doesn't define what we are all about. I see a lot of people doing more than what their ranking states their position. We all can't be 100% all the time or we will burn out. As for me I do what I can when I can and sometimes I just have to ride my momentum when it's high to regenerate myself. Good talk. Great Success!
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Mark.
It is good because you can see at a glance who can help if needed.
That's what I love about WA, everyone does their bit when they can and its so good to help newer people along.