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This is a poem I wrote a while back and seeing it again today made me realise that this is essentially Wealthy Affiliate. We work together, help each other and celebrate the diversity of people and knowledge.No one labels anyone else, we are all just people, part of the human race, standing tall together.We show the world that it is possible to have an amazing community without labels apart from our names.
So 7 1/2 weeks a go I started a new twitter account. Each morning I go along check out new followers and follow back if I feel it's okay. I don't follow back religious, political, pornographic or those with a lot of swearing. I busily retweet for followers who have retweeted my tweets and often retweet any tweets I like the look of in general. These often produce new followers.As you can see the number of followers now stands at 525 followers. Not too bad in the time frame. It could be more if
I just responded to Marcho88 as he has just returned.He congratulated me on my rank being below 50. It's not something I think about or consider important for itself.By that I mean I see it as a number but a useful number that for me works as a reminder of the way we work here.We give back to the community, as in "Pay it forward", meaning we help others as we were helped.What's that got to do with rank?For me it's a reminder whether I have been active enough here on the Wealthy Affiliate platfo
A quick post to let you know about a security issue I just read about.I get a regular email about online security issues. This one had an alert about a word press Plug in called 'wpDiscuz' a commenting plugin apparently. One version Isvulnerable and allows hackers to upload files to websites they target.Researchers found the problem and told the developers in June. They promised to fix the flaw with the next version but the fix didn't path the security hole.A brand new version was released on J
July 21, 2020
This was driving me nuts really crazy! It was a big problem.I have tried having sign up forms before with mailchimp, they never seemed to work. Or rather I didn't do them right.Today I have signed up to Aweber but could not see any little discreet form to stick in the sidebar. Landing pages and a big sign up form. Nothing small.Looked about, something about other integrations.... siiiigh!Clicked on a few and clicked away when they wanted paying. Found a free one .... talk about complicated!Why
July 20, 2020
Do you remember the post about my new Twitter account and following its progress?Well...... it is doing amazingly well. Yes I am working on it a bit more than I would normally I did some retweets in the evening when I remembered.So 17th July was the date of the post and the amount of followers stood at 41. I started that account on the 14th July.Today is the 20th July a Monday. So it has been nearly a week since that account came into being. Just setting it out for me as much as you.This shows
Well!! I am flabberghasted, I really am.You may or may not have seen the post about twitter, having a new account I started last Tuesday and tracking its growth for a week or two. That's about as long as I can remember to focus on something intently.Anyway, at the time I briefly mentioned, I think, setting up a new Facebook and Pinterest page the day before which was Thursday, I think. It's getting lateish, heading towards midnight and actual timings get hard to remember.So, now we are heading
Yes I am a fan of twitter I confess and think that twtter and other social media platforms are greatly underused here. They are a free source of traffic. What's not to love?I started a new Twitter account a few days ago and it occurred to me that I could use it as an example for those starting out on Twitter.Yes, I do have the advantage of having been on there for 9 years and a regular user on and off for probably 7 of those years. (Guesstimates) There is also an advantage I suppose in that I h
Big thank you to Diane Scorpio for letting me know that my post asking you to welcome a newcomer was not permitted. I had no idea. Having seen others in the past I didn't realise.The post has now been deleted but a big thank you to those that responded, much appreciated.EDIT: I have been thinking about this and realised that actually it is commonsense, had I stopped to think. Doh!When you consider the amount of people that join this amazing platform daily, it's not surprising it isn't permitted
June 29, 2020
Good morning to you all.How is your Monday feeling? Do you get Monday blues?How can you start the week better.Just change your thinking. Look at a Monday in a different way.Do you get excited at New Year? We tend to look at it with excitement. A whole new year ahead where anything can happen. We dream, make plans and hope.For me a Monday is like that. I call it Magical Monday, a mini new year. A whole week stretching ahead where anything can happen, excitement and adventure is around every corn