Are you a Victim or fighter

Last Update: June 18, 2020

This post was inspired by NicholaJames blog post "Can you rise above misfortunes" It made me think of the contrast between a fighter and victim mode.

It's not about actual fighting and victimising someone, That is a totally different thing.

This is about the different state of mind between the two.

The Fighter!

We all know at least one person who continually gets knocked back by life, yet they keep getting up regardless of circumstances.

They build a business and lose it, go through bankruptcy, lose everything, face serious illness and yet refuse to give up. They are that boxer in the ring that keeps getting up through sheer strength of will, despite looking as though they are about to keel over any minute. Then miraculously, they win!

The fighter sees every setback as a challenge, an obstacle as something to overcome. Sees every failure as a lesson that teaches a way not to do something.

The fighter does NOT give up, just changes the approach, says I WILL do this, I WILL be successful and keeps going regardless of what life puts in the way.

The fighter reads and studies successful people to aid in the pursuit of success. He/she helps others on their road, always ready with a helping hand understanding that there is enough abundance to go round for all to be successful.

The fighter does not consider he/she has no chance because of how many businesses are already on the internet more that there are billions of customers and the amount continues to grow.

And does not see even a pandemic as a setback but more chances to help others and thereby grow the business further.

The Victim!

Life happens TO a victim, they are not in control of it. (So they think).

Nothing is their fault, it's not bad choices that ruin their life, it's always external circumstances.

They want the shortcut to success, ie: someone telling them the easy way to do it. They refuse to learn for themselves and say they don't have time to find out or learn the information. You can point them in the right direction to learn what they are looking for but they refuse, wanting, expecting, to be told simple steps to get there. They waste time demanding to be given the secret to success, rather than getting on with it.

We also know those that faced with a lot of work to reach their dreams say 'I can't do that, it's too hard' and give up before they have started. Or they begin, don't get instant results and give up loudly proclaiming it to be a scam.

The sad part about that one is they then go back to being conned out of money by 'Get Rich Quick Schemes'.

I read books years ago by various healers and each one at some point had had a person say they didn't want to be completely better. As they were they had sympathetic people helping them and money coming in because of the illness. Recovery would mean having to do things for them self and actually living their life.

There are those that get an illness and become a martyr too it or get an illness and succumb to it. Now that may seem harsh but it's true. I saw it firsthand when I had 3 serious illnesses for 2-3 years over 10 years ago. A couple of people would keep repeating words such as 'I don't want to die'. No one does but it's better to say 'I intend to recover'.

Fight Back!

I looked at it as efficient to have the 3 at once and get it over and done with.

I decided I was going to recover from all of them and this was one of life's tests. When it was over I started my first online business. When I look back now I see it as the universe's way of giving me a hard push to set me on the path I should be on.

This is NOT a bid for sympathy, it's long in the past, it's a way to demonstrate to your mindset has a lot to do with success or failure in every aspect of life.

Every setback is a lesson learnt. Yes we all despair at times, thinking we will never learn it all or reach success. We all hit a point of overwhelm at times, that too is perfectly normal. The trick is to let those moments out, wallow for a minute or two, then pick yourself up and move forwards.

Mindset plays a big part in success. Hit an obstacle and see it as a puzzle to unravel rather than a disaster. Feel like you are pushing a boulder uphill? See it as a way to get stronger.

Feel floored by an illness, see it as a way to become healthier.

Unsupportive relationships? See it as a challenge to educate them, a lesson in acceptance that we are all different or as a time to move on.

Whatever is happening in your life, there are always choices and lessons to learn.

What are you, fighter or victim? Do you choose, I WILL do this or Poor me?

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CCelest Premium
Great post Linda! I definitely chose to be a fighter. We all have those moments where life bring us down on our knees. During these time take the opportunity to pray while kneeling. Once we rise again and again we will be so much stronger.

Thanks for the share Linda.

Linda103 Premium
Thank you Carol. I think most of us here prove we are fighters because we are determined to reach our goals.
Yes everyone has those moments and its our reaction to them that strengthens us.
Msljohnson37 Premium
A fighter I have been a victim all my life even before i turned to Jesus even when I started my journey with Jesus I would still play the victim until Jesus really taught me a lesson he can only work with fighters and not victim its only because of his patience and mercy I'm still here and Jesus giving me a bigger propose bigger then myself to help and serve others that have been where I was or even worse off. I was truly saved only by Gods Grace. Thank you Jesus for leading me here and to become an successful 6-9 figure income to help others and to show the world I didn't do it on my own with the help of Jesus is why I am the women of God I have been called to be.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Lorraine. The fact that you have escaped from being a victim and grown stronger makes you a fighter.
Whatever helps you to do that is good.
I wish you great success.
Msljohnson37 Premium
Thank you Linda God bless
mathewP1 Premium
This is the truth and every one knows one person that is in that state of mind. I have the fight stance all the time no matter what, I’m a little aggressive but still nice.
And not a pushover so I try to just give people the benefit of the doubt at times. Was awesome post and can learn lots about people.

Linda103 Premium
Thank you Matthew&Deloris;.
Yes we all know at least one who no matter how often you help, how much advice you give does not want to help themselves at all. They are very frustrating people.
It's good to give people the benefit of the doubt but usually your instincts are right.
Twack Premium
An inspiring post Linda and so full of 'home truths' as they say. Mindset is so important, probably more so in our world than many others. Always looking for the positive in any situation is just a matter of choice.
In fact, I am a firm believer that everything in life that we are either given or want, is down to choice. Ask yourself the right question and it normally has two answers, one positive and one negative.
Linda103 Premium
Yes I agree with that summation Twack. Sometimes you just want to hit people over the head with the information hoping it will sink in rather than them wasting their lives bemoaning their lack of life.
I can be a little impatient I confess.Lol.
Twack Premium
With good reason in that instance.
LMH1968 Premium
Great post thank you very much for sharing.
I’m the fighter who never gives up.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Lisa. I think most at WA are to be honest. We keep plugging away, helping each other towards success.
LMH1968 Premium
Very true. We are a big family of like minded people and we want everyone to succeed.
Linda103 Premium
We do Lisa, we help each other whenever we can and that is always good.