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I am a lawyer in Ontario, Canada. I have a general practice and work far too hard and deal with more stress than the job is worth. I have a lovely wife and two sons and need to be spending more time with them. Unfortunately, time and money are tight. As such, I would love to learn how to replace my job with a stay-at-home internet marketing business.
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mholland8 Premium
Welcome to wa if you need any help just let me know!!
bigvnd Premium
Welcome to WA
TJ Books Premium
Welcome, L! You have come to the place to Learn to Earn! But note that it says "Earn" which means "Work." Oh, Drag! Good luck! Starting my 3rd Year in May! John
Lilli Premium
So how have things gone for you after 3 years?
Not2Late Premium
Hi and welcome!!
Shaselle Premium
Welcome! I'm new here too. Focus and you'll get there:))
Deborahmaree Premium
Welcome to WA!
Wanyan Premium
Welcome and best wishes.
Peedsbornagain Premium
Hey .. welcome to WA ... i wish u all the joy , happiness and success ... dont worry .. it will take time to get the IM business running smoothly ..but i assure u it will be well worth ur time ... half the battle is won in showin up ... thanks for showin up ... keep at it ... there s no reason success wont chase u
babyboomer20 Premium
Hello there Lilli, good to Meet you here at WA...I Welcome you into my space and I look forward to getting to know you. You sound like a real go-getter and someone with the necessary drive, motivation & passion to be a successful in Network Marketing. Congratulations on taking a step to "Owning Your Life". Would it be OK if I added you to my Buddy List? Wishing you all the Success in your LEARNING to EARN!!
A friendly fellow Canadian, Marty
Tans Premium
Welcome to WA. Good goals.
Louise M. Premium
Hi and WELCOME ! Glad to have you here !

Feel free to contact me if you need help. Good luck ! :)
sar3483 Premium
Hi Lilli, welcome to WA. I'm a new member to but have been learning a lot of great information in the last few days. If there's anything that I can do for you please don't hesitate to get in touch. Good luck!