This inspiring story is remarkable

Last Update: March 29, 2016

If you think you've got problems or need some motivation, watch this video. It's four minutes long, but well worth it.

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KatieMac Premium
it is truly a very inspiring story have seen this and it just goes to show if we put our minds to things we can achieve what seems the impossible
LesleyHamlin Premium
Thanks Dale. It really does put things into perspective doesn't it.
DaleOdom Premium
Thanks for sharing this I really appreciate it very much. These are the kind of stories that I love to see. I don't watch the news because it is always negative. They need to show more stories like these.
Cherree Premium
This article really makes you think about what each of us considered to be a problem.
It's almost like feeling sorry for yourself for having no socks, until you see a person with no feet.
May God's love and peace be with you.
LesleyHamlin Premium
Love and Peace to you too.
Cali Premium
Very very awesome!!!!!
The human spirit is one very strong thing.

I saw a woman giving a speach a few years back, Facebook friend of mine posted it. She was aborted, and the abortion failed. This woman has physical scars from this but her spirit don't care. She is living this life!!! It is a gift, we should remember that every morning and every evening.

Thank you for posting this blog, I am going to share with some of my friends that think life sucks!!!!


LesleyHamlin Premium
Thanks Cali for your input. So glad you liked it !