Are you on FOCUS?

Last Update: Nov 4, 2016


We often get distracted by so many things. It is easy to stay out of focus if we don't treat our goals very important.

Here's an Acronym ofF-O-C-U-S:

Follow - One - Course - Until - Successful

The course you are taking will give you a better result in the future, each day, you can accomplish something. When done consistently everyday, this will become a hobby. A hobby becomes discipline and discipline becomes your character.

Keep an eye on your goals or dreams and put right on the spot what needs to be done that each day that corresponds to your daily activity. Soon ou will see good results to becoming successful.

Are you on FOCUS?

Recent Comments


Good advice!

Thanks a lot!

I work hard at keeping my focus while working my sites. At other times, I focus on other things.

It will take time to master building our sites. Once you are happy with your website design, the next stage is to build more quality content. This will keep you writing more valuable information that will bring mire traffic to your website.

Hey Leo, I often stray a bit and focus on things that are less productive in my business, but who is counting. I always manage to get back on track, which is key to our success as you mention.

Thank you for the information and reminding us what we need to do to stay FOCUS!


Hi Bishop!
I experience that too! Going astray, but i realize my website is giving me results...much more if i get back on track.

This is our own business at our own pace. If we want to make it faster or slower it's up to us. If we focus much get more results

I like this, thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot!

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