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November 18, 2016
In every circumstances and every endeavour, we always encounter this word FEAR!To help you conquer this, i would like to give an acronym of F-E-A-R:F - FalseE - EmotionA - Appearing R - RealIt's really true that we are afraid because we are just driven by our emotions. But we cannot under-estimate that because there are factors that affects our emotions, thus creating much fear in our hearts.Where do we get fear?1. This is acquired through our past failures. We become cautious and sometimes lea
Creating your future is planning ahead. You must have a clear view of what you want to achieve. That way, it is more easy to predict your future.Planning is the key to create your future. Without a plan, it would be very difficult to set up the things you wanted to create. That's why when you fail to plan, most likely that you are planning to fail.Team Building ExperienceI remember, few months back, when I joind a team building training, we were given the task to create the tallest structure ou
November 04, 2016
We often get distracted by so many things. It is easy to stay out of focus if we don't treat our goals very important.Here's an Acronym ofF-O-C-U-S:Follow - One - Course - Until - SuccessfulThe course you are taking will give you a better result in the future, each day, you can accomplish something. When done consistently everyday, this will become a hobby. A hobby becomes discipline and discipline becomes your character. Keep an eye on your goals or dreams and put right on the spot what needs
November 03, 2016
Wealthy affiliate is a long term community and a continous learning process. As I go along and follow through the trainings here, the more i am having a clearer vision of what it is to be in the online industry. I am amazed because there are results coming in. The real key is CONSISTENCY!What is your Vision?I know all of you have your own vision. That's the reason why you are building your own website. It may start with curiousity when you landed to the Wealthy Affiliate. Test it, took some tim
Hello everyone! You have come so far with your training here at welthy affiliate. I want to ask you an honest to goodness question... 1. How are you doing with your website development? 2. Were you able to cope up with the lessons/training? 3. What were the difficulties you are facing? 4. Were you able to follow the task for each lesson? 5. and most importantly, this is the ultimate goal of each one, I the question is, Are you earning income online? All of us might be wond
January 15, 2015
How do you explore your creativity and how do you rate it? To know how to rate your creativity is to explore your creativity. What I mean is that you know how to respond to any particular situation in your life where this leads you to be more productive. This is so especially true when you are faced with a difficult situation. Loosing a job, loosing your business or your main source of income had totally been shattered. How will you start? You might be discouraged but let me tell you som
First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL WEALTHY AFFILIATE MEMBERS. Hope you have a great 2014 and as we welcome 2015, Let's be up and about in Helping one another at WA! What's the next big thing? Share your thoughts on what you are aiming for 2015 so the whole community will know and will be here to support you!
Year 2014 is about to end and i would say the greatest fulfillment i had is having a website up and running. The domain name that started gaining authority over the internet. There are a lot of big names in the industry and 3d architecture rendering is highly competitive. To be in this field is not an easy task, but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, my website has now a place in this world! It is just starting, and as I learn SEO and keyword research, possibilities are really endless. The conception
November 22, 2014
I've heard this phrase many times. I feel more confident, whenever people starts smiling at you and come closer to you then hear those words. "How may I Help You?" Many a times my decisions changed whenever i buy something or planning to buy something, when a good sales person would come to me and help me evaluate what i really need to buy. I really do appreciate those sales people who are honest and are not much persuasive. People who care about what you need and help you out make that de
November 21, 2014
If there's anything you can consider becoming wealthy, it is our affiliation with people who are committed to help you, not just about the wealth, but the support and the training you need. It is not just about teaching you but equipping you with all the tools you need in your online business. After more than a year as a free member, I finally got into premium. Why? I finally decided to go premium because of all the sincerity and the full packed knowledge you can get about online entrepreneur