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Last Update: Jul 16, 2022

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As we all have been taught here through the WA training doing product reviews is a great way of generating organic traffic to any website.

But where can you find products/services to review?

The Clickbank affiliate network that's where.

This is just one of the resources I use for finding products to review.

Currently, Clickbank has 276 categories and 21562 product listings.

If you wrote 1 review for every product they have it would take you 59 years. Yeah I know not every product will suit your niche, but you get my point.

There are enough products in this network to keep you busy for years.

Ok, that's it.

I believe in you!

Recent Comments


You are right, there should be something for everyone in that many selections.
Thanks for the suggestion,

You're welcome

Thank Leo for being this to our attention …this will be useful.


You're welcome

Thanks for the info, Leo!


You're welcome

Great reminder, Leo!


Good point as usual!
But I have been thinking for some time, yes it happens, about what review is.
What I have in mind is that Google now wants much more info posts which is the correct decision, in my opinion. The review always looks and has been, in my eyes, a money post. But is it, can it not be an info post too? I mean to set in a category?
Too, I don´t know if it is right, but I have the feeling that review is not needed to be as big % as before, both for Google and the readers, is it right?

Don’t overthink it. Your audience, regardless of your niche, looks up product reviews to see if that product or service is worth their money. Informational posts are key as well, but finding your audience at that point in the customer purchase lifecycle where they are ready to buy is why review posts convert so well.

Thanks. Reviews are also informational posts. And writing reviews are just one type of post you should be writing. There are all kinds of other types of posts, How To, Listicle, Conversational, etc.

Google wants it all, and so does your audience. But no matter what post I write, I always do the proper SEO and I write for my audience first.

Great, it was what I was thinking. I am not overthinking; I am just trying to use the time and money with as much benefit as possible!

Thanks for always great posts!

If you have categories you have listed on your site. If you have the word "review" in your title place the review in that category. If not you could have the post as a featured post or place it in any other appropriate category.

True. I use A and then w catagories; A review and A advice.
Some times you can use reviews in both.

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