Update On My Journey & The Importance Of Keywords

Last Update: August 16, 2020

This is just a quick (at least I hope so) update for you, my friends, on what I've been doing lately and on my overall online journey.

But it's also about the importance of GOOD keywords.

And about my third website.

As many of you know, on 1.1.2020 I started my third website and I had big plans with it. My goal was to have about 100 articles till the end of 2020 so I was posting 2 to 3 times a week and managed to do so for 3 months. End of March I had 36 articles on that site.

Then I couldn't go on like this anymore. I felt like I didn't want to write reviews or best of posts without being a real buyer of the products but knowing reviews are great for traffic, I felt lost on the journey. So I just stopped writing.

Maybe the hopeless feeling was also due to the fact my website is about beauty and health and it is so competitive. Very hard to find a good keyword there.

For 3 months the website was abandonded. Nothing new there. One of the options I considered was adding a bit of content and selling it in future. Websites can be a good investment.

But then I got a regular e-mail from Amazon so I checked my Amazon account finding over $10 in commissions from the months I was doing absolutely nothing! In May, June and July, people were clicking on one of my articles with a good keyword.

This was such a boost for my confidence, seeing that someone actually read my article and bought what I recommended.

And here I'm getting to what's the main purpose of me writing this post.

The importance of keywords.

How did the people who purchased through my links found me?

Most of them through an article about how to treat certain skin syndrome. It is a so called "island keyword" showing no traffic and low competition, but people do search for that.

People search for many things and we should really pay attention to keywords. My recommendation is:

1. think about what people put in search bar (usually "how to..." "can I ..." "Is .... good for ..."etc.). I don't have big traffic but my best articles begin with "how to" "how long" and "can". People are usually looking for something to solve their problem.

2. find a keyword with really low competition. Under 100 is still too much. I'd say go for under 30 or even lower. That's what I do.

3. pay more attention to the keyword search. In my experience, it pays off to spend all afternoon searching for a good keyword and writing one article per week than throwing articles without diligent thinking about keywords.

Honestly, you may have 100 or 200 articles on your website but if you don't pay attention to the keyword selection, no one will find you.

We are taught to write frequently, 2 to 3 times a week, to be patient and wait until our websites gain authority. There's nothing wrong with that. But if your keywords are too generic you won't have any traffic.

You don't have to be authority to rank well. Read Dale's post 10 Day Old Website Position 4 in Google which just confirms that you can rank well even with a new website.

So what did I decide to do with my 7 months old website? I write without schedule, anytime I feel like I have something to say, something to share with others. And I spend a very long time thinking about the proper keyword.

I don't want to be a slave to writing, I want to enjoy life as well and do other things like painting, reading etc.

Maybe I'll have 50 articles in September, maybe not. But I'm going on, slowly and steady. And that's the point. Always going forward.

Hope you are all having a superb Sunday!


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onlinegeek Premium
Well said. There are keywords that you will NEVER rank for on the 3rd page of Google in a life time. l have seen posts such as, ''How to make money online'' (Google 3 840 000 000 Results) on a new website. Any website can rank as long as you do your keyword research well.
LenkaSophie Premium
Lol, "how to make money online", that's a good one. Or "how to lose weight".
It's damn hard though to find the pearls among the keywords that rank. Think it will take me a long time to master that.
Trodvies Premium
Quite interesting, Lenka. I had 'slowed down' on content creation on my Bootcamp site in the interest of a number of worthwhile marketing campaigns.

I just resumed writing, but have been pondering over the right publication schedule to adapt. Your post has solved that issue for me. Thanks for sharing. And best of success!
LenkaSophie Premium
Nice to hear that Trodvies. Have a nice day!
CordeliaN Premium
Hello Lanka,
I stumbled across your post today, (I was mooching around my dashboard) and despite you and I not being in each other’s network I was drawn to your post.
I liked what you said about quality over quantity, (which is just as well because I seem a bit slow on the quantity) but the reason I liked the post was it made so much sense. I think with the first web site Kyle wants us to learn to write, (I noticed similar strategy on the Income School Project 24 platform) we are just told to write, write a bit more and write yet more, we write lots and with a bit of practice just get more adept and hopefully hone our skills.

And I think that’s what you are doing and have done, you are honing your skills... 🤗....I am pleased you have had a boost to your confidence because it would be a shame to see such perception go to waste.
About 3 months ago I too lost my way, I just felt lost and the more I knew the more I felt I needed to know......lead magnets, funnel pages, email subscribers, YT vids, Social Media and so on...help,
But I did a few Blog Tutorials with the Income School boys, started a new website on “health, wellbeing for the 50+ women” and started all over again. It was just what I needed, like you I am more determined to understand the process.

It was lovely to read your post and I’m glad I found you...👍
LenkaSophie Premium
Hello Cordelia,
thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you liked my post and it resonated with you.
I also follow the Income School guys and I find them amazing, all what they say makes so much sense and I learned a ton from them.
At the moment, I don't even think about lead magnets, sales funnels and email subscribers. It's too much. I just decided to write whenever I feel a nudge to share something valuable and learn slowly and steady how to improve everything around that.

I'm not good with social media, even though I can make YT videos, I don't like sharing personal stuff on FB or Instagram and that makes it all more difficult.

In addition, not being a native English speaker I sometimes feel like I can never compete with you native speakers. My writing style is more simple. But I guess I have to live with that :)

I'm glad you found me too. Seems we have a lot in common. Let's keep in touch.
enriquetrips Premium
Hi, Lenka,

Glad to hear from you.

First of all, congratulations on your sales! That must feel fantastic, no matter the amount. It tells you you're doing something right.

Your post resonated strongly with me. Remember the other day we talked about keywords, Google algorythms and all that? I still don't fully understand them lol, but I always do my best to come up with good keywords for my posts.

I still aim at low-hanging keywords, but I try to come up with something people would use. For example, a lot of times I've seen that when I type something on Google, it changes the keyword and shows me posts with other keywords lol.

You say you aim for keywords with <30. Do you ever use the ones with <10?

How do you manage three websites? I can barely keep up with two. God knows I only opened my second website because my first website's niche is on standby. Otherwise, I would just be working on one.

I try to post on set days to be consistent, but it's really hard. Some people say they post every day or every other day. That's still a lot for me lol.

I feel just like you. It's not just about writing. I enjoy it but there are many more things to do. We have to look for good keywords, look for appropriate images, optimize them, work on social media, monitor our analytics stats, etc. I've been wanting to continue a photography course I put on standy but I'm either too tired or don't find the time. I also enjoy watching movies and reading, but I feel guilty when I do that instead of working on my blog.

Sorry for the long post lol. Thanks for sharing.

LenkaSophie Premium
Enrique, my friend, don't blame yourself when you do something instead of writing. I used to do that but it only makes things worse. We still have to be proud of ourself because we have dreams, we have values, believe in creating our own future instead of waiting what we get from government etc. We all are visionaries.
I just found out I can't work according to a schedule so I won't do that even though it's recommended. It only ends up with me not writing at all. I believe I can write one article a week and that's still good enough. If there's more, then good but no schedule.
I can tell you those words with traffic <10 are sometimes a treasure! The one that brings me most traffic is such keyword. You never know.
enriquetrips Premium
Thank you for your words, my friend. Honestly, I don't feel like writing at times. I believe we need inspiration to do it.

They say it's all about balance. I guess I need to work on that. As you said, working on a schedule is hard. It's especially disheartening when you don't see any results.

I've never used <10 words. I'll give them a try.

Thanks! ;)
Twack Premium
Nicely done Lenka. Commissions can put a spring in your step, for sure. It is hard to keep up an almost 'production line' of content going. I like your approach of writing because you enjoy it and not because you feel you have to.
Hope you Sunday was sublime.😊
LenkaSophie Premium
A Sunday spent on WA can be nothing else than sublime :)
It was more the feeling that I'm doing something right and people find it valuable what boosted me more than the actual commissions, to be honest. It's just nice.
Twack Premium
I know what you mean. I get the same feeling from organic comments, not there have been many, but it still feels good.