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Last Update: December 05, 2018

My very good friend wrote a blog about "Good Cop Bad Cop" based on some issues that have been seen here in WA lately.

It really got me to thinking that new members may not know everything that WA stands for. I want to try to feel you in on what we (the members) do and why we do it.

The members here play a good role in helping each other reach success. I am sure you have had a firsthand experience with this by now.

I am going to list some key elements that we as members are helping you with as well as why and how.


Members create training helping other members with issues that they may have had problems understanding or implementing themselves, or have seen others who need extra guidance in that area of the training.

They will give you ways that helped them to get through it, or what they did that was successful. Sometimes we may not understand how one presents the training, but completely understand it the way another presents it.

We do this in order helping YOU. We know what it is like. We have been there too. I know I had my share of confusion many times and was helped by this community as well as Kyle and Carson.

This isn't a game. We are all here to learn how to build a successful business. With as over 1 million members I think that members helping other members would only help to ensure your success.


We blog for MANY reasons, but the main focus, is helping others. Whether it be to offer advice, solutions, express their opinion, share a life changing event, share success etc.

It is suggested to keep our blogging business related. In a community this size, that is a little hard to do for some. I am one of these who find it hard sometimes.

For the most part, our blogs are beneficial and business related and WA related. Blogging here in the community is mean to inspire, motivate, teach and learn from.

Some of us may blog about something not "business related", like the birth of a child, the loss of a pet.

Is this OK? My opinion is it should be as long as we aren't ALWAYS writing this type of blogs and do write business related blogs more constantly.

Will every blog have something of value to you specifically? Probably not. But 90 % of the time It will for someone else.


Leaving comments is also a way of helping others. I have listed a few examples blow.

  • Maybe you have a similar approach to what was written
  • You have also applied this technique and had success
  • Can offer other suggestions
  • Give motivation to others
  • Inspire others
  • Offer your technique

This list can go on. Commenting isn't a popularity contest as some think it is. We can tell by the comments.

If we spent the time to write the post, it wasn't just to see how many likes we can get or how many comments. It was because we thought it might be helpful to someone in the community.

I don't know about you, but a comment like "great post thanks for sharing", the only thing that tells me is that you are looking for a higher rank, or you like me but this just wasn't useful to me.

Trust me, my feelings will not be hurt if you didn't find something that I have written, useful. It isn't the first time and it won't be the last.

With that being said, don't feel that you have to comment on it. I had rather you not, then to leave a comment that just shows no interest.

Do not SKIM through the post. If you are going to read it, then read the whole thing. Otherwise, you may have missed the key element that could have helped you.

When you leave a comment that shows no relevance to the actual post, you are only making yourself look bad and you aren't leaving us much to say as we aren't trying to make you look bad for it.

Here is another way I look at how commenting helps.

Kyle has created a couple of places for us to get comments on our websites.

Most of you know that you need to READ the content and leave QUALITY comments.

Commenting on blogs here in the community can also give you practice ensuring you are leaving proper comments on the websites of others.

After all, we are trying helping each other out right? I see commenting on blogs the way I see it when commenting on a post.

If you can create a quality comment on a blog that means you read it. If you are at the point of getting comments on your website, you have probably had a few that you didn't approve.

Or let's say, you have left comments on someone's post but it wasn't approved. Think about your comment. Was it related to the post? Was it of high quality? Was it engaging?

We are taught how to leave proper comments. I do my best to show the same respect to someone else that I would like when it comes to comments on my website or on a blog here.

Yes, there are some who may have standards set to high on what type of comment they approve. Don't let it discourage you if you know that you did it the right way.

I have seen other members relaying the message that you can earn money in Site Comments by leaving comments on websites.

I am all for that, BUT this is going to be another area where members take advantage of the system.

Just a warning, I have only not approved I believe 1 comment that I had requested, and that was because it was feedback, This was also left by someone who has been a member for over 2 years at the time.

Don't try to rush and see how many you can leave in a day to earn a buck. Chances are, your earnings will be less than you anticipated.

Clicking That Like Button

It took me forever before I would actually remember to click the like button.

It is there to let the creator know that you at least appreciate them taking the time to great the blog, training etc.

It is not your way to higher rank. it is meant to show appreciation whether it is from another members comment on a blog, a question that someone asked and you think it is a great question, or to let them know that you liked the training.

We are all adults here. Let's prove that we are. It will all come out in the wash eventually, so save yourself from wasting your time with games and beating the system.

I know we are not perfect but Kyle and Carson built this platform and designed it to better help the community with some incentives to show appreciation.

Let's show them our appreciation by not abusing it.

Wishing you ALL, the best in all you do

Lee Ann

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Crazyhaggis Premium
I’m glad you’ve taken the time to write this post. Just recently I started feeling too many people here are either trying to gain WA rankings or trying to make money.
Right now I’m wondering if I should continue to request comments, it just seems obvious that people see it as a way to earn cash. The quality of some comments is just not good. They seem so ‘unauthentic’ I’m considering whether they actually harm my site rather than help it as they’re intended to do.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Thank you Ann. I know what you mean. Just remember that you do NOT have to approve the comments that are not relevant to your post.

There are members who leave great comments. Don't let the bad comments get to you. Just don't approve them. In Site Comments, your post will be put back out there for someone else to read and leave you a quality comment.

Eventually the ones who are leaving low quality contents will no longer be allowed to leave them.

There are comments that I haven't approved that I received through the give and take comment thread.

That is an advantage we have and the right that we have.
Don't give up. Comments are very important and there are more members who leave good ones than bad.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann
Crazyhaggis Premium
Thanks Lee Ann
LeeMcQuay Premium
You are very welcome : )
JerryMcCoy Premium
You make so many points it is difficult to find a starting point. Here goes, we are here to help one another every day. When leaving comments always leave one that engages the author with a similar or opposite opinion so the author can grow in their chosen niche and be able to respond to a client/customer. Great post.
LeeMcQuay Premium
You did a great job with that starting point Jerry.
You said it perfectly as well.

I love helping others and to be honest, I don't let the couple of bad members get in the way of what I love doing or make me think lesser of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are to many members like yourself that make this the best place to be : )

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann
ericaquino Premium
Especially when your in a jam! This holiday rush got me spinning in circles greatly needed advice!
LeeMcQuay Premium
Thank you.
I hope everything calms down for you and the spinning stops 😀

Wishing you the next in all you do
Lee Ann
FKelso Premium
This is good advice for beginners and for folks who have been here for a while and perhaps need reminders. Well-said.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Thank you Fran. It really pains me to see others abuse such a beautiful platform that Kyle and Carson worked so hard to put together.

Thank you for being one of the great members here : )

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann
Vickic3 Premium
Great post thanks for sharing - lol lol- no seriously Lee Ann, thanks for this awesome post this morning and thanks for acknowledging my post as well
WA is a great place and doing things correctly is so important as we all learn and grow from other people and ranking games are so hideous and need to stop.
Also as you mention Comments need to be real and I too have seen comments that make no sense to the blog posted and it is so obvious the member hasn't bothered to read the entire post.
If you people can't be bothered, then move on to something else as the insincerity is really noticed and lack of thought.

It's not that hard being real and grown up and also sometimes, even though its great to be kind, we also need to help people by being honest, if what they have posted isn't appropriate as we all learn.
I have made my fair share of mistakes along the way and this has been pointed out to me and I am grateful to learn from this and it really annoys me when people behave like victims when we reach out.
Time to grow up and know it is with good intention and not aimed at the person, just the comment.

Thanks, Lee Ann
You rock

LeeMcQuay Premium
I should have known you would start off with that : )
Kind of a like how I didn't know which "cop" I liked better lol

After reading your post, it sort of got my blood boiling and then another great friend of mine sent me an email about a comment she received when welcoming a new member to premium.

This isn't really that hard. I can see others having issues with implementing parts of the training, but geesh, our behaviors and responses should be common sense.

If we let this type of thing take over, then this will not be the platform that we all know and love. You and I both know that we aren't letting that happen.

There are SO MANY good members here including yourself, and I am grateful to all of them. They/we will keep WA the way it is supposed to be.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann
Vickic3 Premium
Thanks Lee Ann
I'm with you all the way