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Last Update: March 18, 2015

There is something I'm just not getting. I have tried several themes but when I try to get my picture in the header to look like the picture in the theme I picked out, it's not the same. For instance I first started out with the sela theme. When I upload my picture in the header it doesn't come far enough down and there is no white box in the center where I can insert the title like I saw when I first viewed the theme.

I then tried the dazzling theme and when I uploaded the picture in the header, instead of going clear across the page like it showed when I originally viewed the theme, it's just a little picture on the upper left hand corner. I'm finding little things like this are consuming my time and I seem to be getting nowhere fast. Any help is appreciated. I hope I'm making sense.


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KayWinkler Premium
Hi Leann, mybe the picture is too small in size? For a header I guess it should have around a minimum of 700 to 1000 pixels in width. I dont know if you have any software for editing (cropping) your picture...
LeannL Premium
Thank you for your help. I used paint to resize it. When I put in 700 x 1000 that made the picture long enough, meaning the horizontal is where I want it, but not the vertical, so I guess maybe I just need to keep playing around with it. Like I said it's very frustrating. I know there are people that can do what I'm attempting to do in a matter of seconds because they know what they're doing. I also have the box marked display header text but the text is not displaying. Thank you again for your help.
KayWinkler Premium
I know, unfortunately or should I say fortunately its about trial and error all the time. People who are able to to things in a shorter matter of time, are just a small step ahead of you. They were trying their asses off before it became an ease... You are on a good way, believe in yourself! ;o)