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There is always a first I had a first today, my first spam comment that was also a scam attempt. I get so excited when I get an email from WordPress to advise me that I have a comment on my website that I need to moderate. And so far I have not had many of those, but they have all been good and I could reply and approve them. So I was pretty ecxited to find an email today that there was a comment that needed moderation. Well, this comment was littered with links to three other websites. The pro
Do you think it is important to use a firescreen when you have an open fire?I recon it is pretty important to use a firescreen whenever you light the fire. Regardless of COVID-19 and the lockdown that most of us are currently facing, you still need a firescreen.The photograph that you see here is the damage that was done to my settee by a spark that flew out the fire. And as you guessed correctly, the firescreen was not up.We live in an area where it is cold enough in the evenings that we have
As the Coronavirus is spreading and causing more panic and knee jerk reactions throughout the world, I thought I would share my personal experience with you. I live in Italy, Rome to be exact, and as I am writing this, it is less than 72 hours since our Prime Minister put the country in a "lock down" position. It has already been almost 2 weeks since all schools and universities were closed in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, and after the northern parts of the country had been "lock
February 23, 2020
So when do I throw in the towel and hoist the white flag. I am so determined that I want this to work, but I feel so despondent. I started my online journey nearly a year ago, but so far I have had zero success. My niche is eco-friendly and sustainable living, which I have realised is almost impossible to monetise. So I started a second website, based on the training from the bootcamp, and even there I've had no success.Where am I going wrong?Where am I failing?I keep on going back to the train
The neighbourhood in which I live are currently asking all the residents to avoid buying any products that are wrapped or packaged in plastic. Their focus is primarily on food packaging and targeting local supermarkets to reduce the amount of plastic that they are using. It has once again made me realise how many products are unnecessarily packaged in plastic and many could use alternative non-plastic packaging or even none. For a number of years now I have been using reusable shoppers and I ha
April 17, 2019
I joined Wealthy Affiliates approximately 3 weeks ago and have sistematically been working through the training. I knew nothing about building a website before I started, but I'm very keen on building an on-line business. My biggest challenge so far has been content writing and incorporating images into my posts. I have realised that I am scared of getting it wrong and therefore overthink many things, instead of just getting on with it! Next step is to get accepted by Amazon as an affiliate.