Stop the use of plastic - what can I do to help?

Last Update: June 02, 2019

The neighbourhood in which I live are currently asking all the residents to avoid buying any products that are wrapped or packaged in plastic. Their focus is primarily on food packaging and targeting local supermarkets to reduce the amount of plastic that they are using.

It has once again made me realise how many products are unnecessarily packaged in plastic and many could use alternative non-plastic packaging or even none. For a number of years now I have been using reusable shoppers and I have a reusable water bottle which I love. I also try to avoid using plastic bags for putting loose fruit and vegetables into, which can sometimes presents a problem when buying small items like cherry tomatoes.

I recently came across reusable "produce" bags that are great to use. There are many greengrocers that supply paper bags for produce. So why can't supermarkets do the same? Eggs can be packed in cardboard rather than plastic. There is no need for fruit or vegetables to be wrapped in plastic, it can be sold loose.

We as consumers and customers can all ask our local supermarkets and shops to reduce the amount of plastic that they use and thereby reduce the carbon footprint. So if we stop buying produce that is wrapped and packaged in plastic,suppliers will have to use eco-friendly alternatives.

We all need to help more to save our beautiful planet.

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NnurseBecca Premium Plus
This is a beautiful place and great to work to keep it that way! I love your blog and marked it to come back to. Plastic is wasteful and I agree this one item excluded from pollution is a fantastic endeavor.
Thank you & kind regards,
Nurse Becca
LCowley1 Premium
Every little bit helps
alisterbrede Premium
Yes, quite agree with you. I saw somewhere that 1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold per minute worldwide. If we stopped buying water in plastic bottles and refusing plastic bags in shops, then there would be an effect. At the moment it's only the few that are doing this. It now needs to be the many.
LCowley1 Premium
Every individual can actually make a difference, even if it's small
Crazyhaggis Premium
Great post and I couldn't agree more. It's just shocking the amount of plastic that we use and more importantly which doesn't get recycled. I'm doing my bit not only for the environment, but for my health as I don't believe plastic is healthy.
LCowley1 Premium
It is quite shocking what even just one household throws away. I do my bit with recycling but can do more by refusing to buy anything that comes in plastic packaging