Why do you need a firescreen?

Last Update: March 28, 2020

Do you think it is important to use a firescreen when you have an open fire?

I recon it is pretty important to use a firescreen whenever you light the fire. Regardless of COVID-19 and the lockdown that most of us are currently facing, you still need a firescreen.

The photograph that you see here is the damage that was done to my settee by a spark that flew out the fire. And as you guessed correctly, the firescreen was not up.

We live in an area where it is cold enough in the evenings that we have a fire going inside in the fireplace for at least six months of the year. But it is not always for the warmth, it is because the open fire adds character and also helps to dry out the damp air. It just looks so inviting and welcoming when the fire is going.

The nightly ritual

My husband is an ace at packing the fire in the fireplace every day and getting it going. But he also detests using the firescreen. He recons the screen cuts out heat from the fire and he prefers to look at the fire without the firescreen obstructing his view.

So, his favourite thing is to make a fire, a beautiful fire, yes a roaring fire, and then walk away from it. Well, he needs to get more firewood in, or he needs to open the bottle of red wine to breathe so he can enjoy it in front of the fire later.

And yes, you've guessed it correctly, the firescreen is put to the side, and with nobody else in the room to keep an eye on the fire and any sparks that are flying.

What is that smell?

I'm upstairs working on the computer and I keep on thinking I can smell something burning. But it's not food burning in the kitchen or anything else that might be happening in the kitchen. It's a different smell that I cannot quite identify.

Until I suddenly realise it might be the fire!

And sure as nuts, there it is, smouldering away. And nobody in sight or in the room to keep an eye on the fire.

Thank goodness for small mercies

Thankfully I discovered the smouldering fire before it could spread. Imagine calling out the fire services when Covid-19 is keeping the emergency services occupied enough.

My husband still resents using the firescreen and I feel like the witch that is always checking that the screen is in position as soon as the fire is lit.

With the corona virus pandemic that is currently occupying all our thoughts and time, you might think that a face mask is more important.

But actually, safety in the home is still of the uppermost importance.

Whether you like a firescreen or not, just use it to protect your home and family. This is where you can buy a firescreen at very affordable prices.

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