Why Do People Help Others At Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: July 14, 2019

Why do people help others? and why is that so an important factor here at Wealthy Affiliate? This is a fascinating question to me. When you get right down to it people are very good-natured and helpful.

You wouldn't necessarily know it if you only pay attention to the mainstream media. All you get is one negative story after another all day long.

In researching this article I came up with several reasons people help each other. I found the people doing the helping were receiving as much benefit as the people being helped.

Let's look at some of these reasons.

Helper's High

Have you ever given money to your church or a charity? It feels pretty good, doesn't it?

Scientists would call this a "helper's high". This is where the person doing the giving is feeling fantastic just from the act of giving.

You do not even need to see the end result. Although when giving to your church you will see the end result, not so in other types of giving.

Sarah McLachlan does those infomercials or tv commercials for abused pets. You will definitely get helpers high donating after watching one of those.

Building A Connection

There is a bonding experience that comes from building a connection by helping others. You might get it from volunteering to a local charity.

People who are involved in their community get it from making it a great community. Small towns in rural areas provide this and are one of the reasons people come back and live there after college.

Manage Stress

Life is stressful. That is often a perspective, but there are so many demands on our time it is almost impossible not to get a little stressed at one time or another.

When you help others your stress seems to go away. This is really true when you help people less fortunate than yourself.

Suddenly your problems don't seem so big. The stress from your own life seems to go away.

Career Building

Are you lucky enough to be in a career where you are helping people? If you are, you know how that can have a positive impact on what you do and where you work.

This can be in helping your co-workers. It can also be from helping your customer base or clientele.

Improved Health

Here is a link to a study on the impact on your help from doing volunteer work. The idea is you can improve your health from eating more fruits and vegetables, but how about improving your health from giving?


They summarize this in 3 ways your health improves.

1. Increases activity. When you get up and move around it is a physically good thing to do.

2. Making more connections. This releases a hormone called oxytocin.

3. You feel happier. Sometimes helping others is not always scientific.

Add Meaning To Your Life

Helping others has proven to be a way to create a sense of meaning for the people doing the giving. Many people do not have a sense of meaning in their lives at work or home.

Finding that purpose away from your current circumstances puts you in control. You are creating a sense of meaning and not waiting for it to happen

It's Good For Online Business

Famous salesperson and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said: "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want."

I am finding this to be very true in the world of Internet marketing and money making tips. My blog here is built around a very simple idea.

Provide answers to questions people have. Be a problem solver in the world of making more money.

I know there are millions of people all over the world who need or want to make more money. The World Wide Web is full of these people coming online every day.

Google tells us millions search for keywords such as make money, earn more money, part-time income. start a business at home and many more. This has made it possible for me to create the perfect storm so to speak.

Why do I help people?

Because this is my niche, and I admit I get that helper high that comes from helping people as I described at the beginning of this article. I am able to interact with my readers in various ways.

One is from people who are on my free email list. I send out emails all the time that are full of nothing more than a tip that I’ve just come across and want to share with my list.

Some of these are set up in pre-arranged emails and go out automatically. Others are something I’ve come across, and feel like it’s worth sharing.

It makes me feel good to send these emails out because I know there are people I am helping.

Another way I do this is from the literally hundreds of blog posts that I’ve made over the years. People come to my blog and spend a lot of time reading these various articles.

Google likes them as well and ranks them for various keywords on its search engine. I know I’m helping people when I spend the time creating these articles because I know they’re going to have a long term effect on my readers.

I encourage you to take the same approach with your blog. Focus on giving and helping people first.

Then you can monetize your efforts in various ways. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online because you can find products that solve problems and help your target market.

Don't Know Where To Start?

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akolipenouko Premium
I help people here because we're a like a family. And in a family, helping each other is second nature.

Imagine what this community would be if nstead of helping one another we were rather competing agisnt each other?
Lazyblogger Premium
Akolipenouko, I thought about the competing part, and in the past, I have seen that. But here at Wealthy Affiliate is so different, I owe Kyle and Carson to coming up with this awesome community platform. Thank you for the input.
jeffschuman Premium
Great post David. I like the Zig Ziglar quote "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want." I believe that to be true. In my case I also get that helper's high. It is a good feeling to know you are doing your part.
Lazyblogger Premium
LOL! you are welcome Jeff, I know you know exactly what I am speaking about by helping others. great to have someone like yourself in my business, and thank you for all the help.

Glad to see that you are active in this awesome community. Speak with you in the week.
JeannineC Premium
Very thoughtful post. I do enjoy helping others whenever I can. that's why I speak on affiliate marketing at so many different conferences.
Lazyblogger Premium
Being a speaker at Affiliate Summit and Affiliate Management Days and TBEX is a great contribution to Affiliate Marketers. Thank you for helping others like myself, to move my business forward.

Make it a great week.
JeannineC Premium
Aw, thanks! I love what I am do and feel blessed that I get to do what I love.

During the rest of 2019, I'll be speaking at Affiliate Summit in New York City in August, CardCon in Washington DC and TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) in Billings, MT in September, and SATW (Society of American Travel Writers) in El Paso in October. I'll also be attending FinCon and the Military Influencers Conference.

Hope I see some WA members there!
Amelita Premium
Hi there Bishop, this was a nice post :)
As a member here at WA, I would like to share a couple more reasons why its great to be helpful.

1) Helping others is a great way to build up your business if you have a website promoting WA. This is in part, because when you get referrals those referrals notice your WA activity.

2) Another reason to be helpful is because helping others builds up ones knowledge. Sometimes, you learn the answer when trying to find it for someone else. This helps us eventually become WA experts.

Helping others is a great feeling and I genuinely care about the community succeeding.
As I say to others or the people I am coaching... "Your success is my success" :)

Thanks for sharing the wonderful reasons why the community is so helpful, and in such an altruistic way.

All the best to you.
jeffschuman Premium
Amelita, both of these are good additions to David's list.
Lazyblogger Premium
Great advise, and although I am not making frequent posts, I work with a few through PM, one of the plus of being a premium member here at WA.
Thank you for those insights as well.
Lazyblogger Premium
Definitely a plus, Jeff. Hope all is well and would be heading back to New York tonight. Will speak with you in the week.

God Speed!
MelWaller Premium
Thanks for sharing Bishop!

Lazyblogger Premium
You are welcome Mel, hope all is well with your business here at WA.