Little Things That Grow

Last Update: May 1, 2020

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You ever been in a situation where little things just grow into bigger things. I mean issues, rather than things of course!

All little live things grow into bigger things, whether it be human, animal or plants! Or at least I think they do. No doubt there is some animal in the world that is born and stays the same size throughout it's life?

Anyway little issues growing into big issues!

At the end of last week and earlier this week I was having some motivational issues and decided to take a break from WA to rejuvenate.

As a precursor to the story, I have recently canceled my TV license as a political statement so can no longer watch Live TV legally. I can watch catch-ups etc using the net and TV apps etc.

Having decided to take a break from WA for a couple of days, I have been working outside on some DIY pallet and cable drum projects, taking advantage of the weather. It was lovely and warm and sunny. Very unusual for the UK in April.

The weather changed for the worse and sure enough we were back to rainy days!

OK time to get back to WA! Well sort of! The break had done me some good and I had slowly started to derive some ideas on how to move forward with motivation!

Then comes the kicker! I am sitting comfortably that night, browsing through social media and suddenly it all broke! My broadband internet service goes down! I immediately (using my slow 3G phone reception) go onto the provider's website and do a line test. I get a message that something is broken and the engineer will be coming out in 3 days time! Arrrggghh


  • We are in lockdown
  • No live TV
  • It's raining
  • and now no broadband
  • our daughter needs broadband in the morning to do a live school class with her teacher

Panic hit both me and my partner! We can't survive for 3 days like this! We both went to bed nervously laughing but wanting to cry!


Things are never really that bad! There is light always at the end of tunnel and sometimes we are just sent things to test us!

Next morning, we get up and crash, bang wallop. The broadband is working? I turned on my phone and sure enough I had got a message that the engineer had already been and fixed the issue!

Now I'm in full swing writing content for my websites. With 2 articles totaling 4,000 words published yesterday and an intention to write 7 articles (research already done) totaling 9,000 words over today and tomorrow.

I had no intention of writing this particular WA blog but it has just sprung into mind and reeled off my fingers. It's the end of the month (or just after) so I have a WA blog to write to show targets met and not met! But that can wait until after the site content is written and published.

It's still raining, but the weather will turn and I will get to sand and paint my little DIY projects.

Whilst little things sometimes do turn into big things. Little issues can also disappear and be resolved. Life moves on!

Good Luck and Stay Safe everyone.

Recent Comments


Interesting, how sometimes big problems become little ones and then get fixed.

I like your "patio furniture." When I first moved to my homestead on Spruce Island (AK) I used a big spool for my table. Wish I'd had those cute benches to go with it! And the chair -- how neat is that? Very clever...

The tops of those little benches were cut-out from the bottom of the table!

The ideas came from Pinterest! Social Media does have its uses apart from the idle gossip

Thank ou for your comments!

Little issues grow to become big issues if left unchecked. My whole yard is full of weeds that are starting to look like small trees because of the Covid. I was afraid to go out there in case some of the virus were lurking in my backyard!

Starting 2 days ago, I started on one side of the yard with a weed whacker. So slowly the big issue starts to disappear.

Yep, life moves on.


I'm wandering what a weed whacker is?

Great photo!

Weed wackers...I meant to write...ha ha ha. Weed eaters...


The lockdown photo was I believe from facebook...origin must be somewhere in the Philippines. Folks got truly locked down when they disobeyed the stay home orders. ha ha ha.

Great post and I do love a happy ending! I'm in the UK too and what lovely weather we had last week only for it to turn to you know what this week.

I'm not sure where you are but today it's been cloudy then sunny with blue sky and then dark and cloudy again. Not sure what it's doing but as long as it's not raining I can still go on my daily bike ride with my son!!

Take it easy, and welcome back after your time out!

I'm in the Midlands (Staffordshire).

It's just a little frustrating cause the rain is coming in the middle of the day, so makes it difficult to plan. I hate getting the tools out, only for weather to stop play.

Would much prefer to have morning or evening rain!

Thank you for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated.

Thank you for sharing! I am glad that things worked out and are back on track.

Stay safe and kind regards,

Thanks Roy!

and you too. Stay Safe always!

Good post, best wishes.

Thanks David

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