Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Last Update: September 26, 2017

One of my favourite authors, Neale Donald Walsch teaches that "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". I have definitely found that to be true in my own life.

Life Begins... End Your Comfort Zone

Recently, I had cause to level up my game BIG time. As many of you know, I've been blogging for just over 18 months and my progress has been pretty slow by most standards. In 18 months I earned about $280.

I was starting to feel frustrated at a couple of things:

  1. the lack of traffic on my site
  2. the lack of income

I decided it was time to turn things around.

Once I decided it was time, I committed to completing the Online Certification training and got to work. The training guided me way out of my comfort zone.

I had been thinking for a while that I needed to take a bold new direction with my website. I knew that it was time to start creating my own online courses and information products.

I was aware that my personal path to wealth lies in training and presenting. It was time to stop hiding my light, it was time to shine.

Amazing things started happening.

Opportunities started coming my way at an alarming rate.

People I had worked with before (a decade ago) starting calling me up and asking me to mentor them again.

New mentors appeared for me. "When the student is ready, the Master appears".

And I upped my game.

Suddenly I found myself doing things I hadn't done in years. I was writing lists of people in my life I wanted to touch and hitting the phone, calling them up to offer them the same opportunity I had just been given.

I was inspired. I was excited. I was committed. I was invested.

You are not truly committed until you are invested.

When I say invested I don't necessarily mean money.

I mean when you're in something with your heart, mind and soul. Boots and all.

When something has you so inspired that you'll give up your usual comforts for it.

  • You'll let go of your excuses.
  • You'll let go of your objections.
  • You'll ignore your critics.
  • You'll let go of your fears.
  • You'll let go of distractions.
  • You'll give up sleep. TV. Wine. Anything that's holding you back.

Let's talk about money for a second. Is money holding you back from achieving your dreams? Well, I thought so... until I discovered that was just one of my excuses.

Interesting Story

Remember I mentioned I'd known for a while that I needed to get back to what I love most, presenting and training? That I knew it was time to start creating online courses?

Well, I'd been looking into some courses that teach you how to create online courses and I thought they were unaffordable and thus out of my reach. One course I was looking at was $997. I could see how it could help but I couldn't get my mind around the $997.

Yet... when I found the two amazing ladies who have become my new mentors and all my excuses, objections and fears fell away, I found myself committing to an investment three times that amount.

Did I have the money? No.

Did I have the commitment and drive? YES.

And was I turning this into Action? Absolutely.

And these two ladies saw that in me, they felt that and here's the amazing thing...

The moment I believed in myself they did do.

The moment I invested myself, my time, my passion... I was rewarded.

And without me having to put one cent down, these ladies enrolled me in their course.

My new mentors offered to GIFT me my first month's payment on the course.

Not a loan, a gift. So that I could join their pre-launch group, create my first mini-course and start earning some fast cash right away.

I set some crazy big goals and created a workable plan of action.

And money started flowing towards me as if someone (me) had just opened the sluice gates of a river that had been dammed up for a while.

From pretty much a zero base, I've earned $151 so far this month already and I'm going for $1,000.

So my wish for you today is this:

Get out of your Comfort Zone. Get Committed. Get Invested.

And see how life opens up for you. It's all there for you... once you understand you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To YOUR Success,

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bini14 Premium
You are amazing. I am feeling so positive after reading this.
Thank you Lauren for inspiring me every day.
laurenjean Premium
Wonderful to hear that Bini! Thanks for the compliment.
JCZola Premium
Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring post, Lauren! I agree that being committed to achieving your goals will help naturally eliminate distractions. Keep up the amazing work!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Ciara. Lovely way of phrasing it.
Carol46 Premium
It was lovely to see that your great qualities have been rewarded. Very encouraging! Thanks for your story, Lauren :)
laurenjean Premium
Aw, thanks, Carol. How sweet of you. :)
viyee Premium
A tip I had from a friend years ago:
All the daily habits you have - do them differently from time to time.
Change routes to work or school.
Wash with the other hand.
eat something you have never tried before.
etc etc. I am sure you get the point.
It gradually gets the head thinking in different directions and out of our comfort zones.
Great article Lauren.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Peony, that's such a cool idea. Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed my post too.
McWord Premium
Amazing story, Lauren. Lessons we can all take to heart!!!

All the best,

laurenjean Premium
Thanks Mitch!
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks Lauren for sharing this great motivation blog, love your story and it's true, dare to come out of your comfort zone! Keep at it.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks a mill Alejandra. Glad you enjoyed.
DShensky Premium
You never learn or expand your life goals without stretching beyond your comfort zone. The limitations you put on yourself are the labels other people gave you through the years that you bought into.

Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace, but that's where the labels start and follow the child throughout life. You can either accept those limitations or prove them true---it's up to you
AffFranE82 Premium
Best of luck to ya!
ValerieJoy Premium
A really wonderful post Lauren. Thank you.

I am so pleased for you that those ladies could see your strengths and are assisting you. That is success in itself which will lead you to great places I'm sure :)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much Valerie. Appreciate your warm response. Yes, it feels really great knowing they have confidence in my abilities. Makes all the difference.
DebbieRose Premium
Great inspirational story. Good for you! Once we commitment, success is inevitable.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Debbie. Happy you found it inspirational. :)
Kickbacked Premium
September 24

Hi Lauren

Nice motivational post!

~ Sir Timothy
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Sir Timothy! Happy to hear you found it motivating.
Kickbacked Premium
I liked the part about getting out of our comfort zone!
laurenjean Premium
Cool. Are you in one? Have you decided how to get out of it?
Kickbacked Premium
Not so much a comfort zone, more like a small rut!
laurenjean Premium
Cool, am sure you will be out of it in no time.
Tjennings122 Premium
Awesome post Lauren! Thanks for sharing.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Tammy. Glad you enjoyed.
Sui_generis Premium
That's great, Lauren. I agree with you. Life DOES begin at the end of your comfort zone. It's that first step that is the hardest. I just took one of those steps and now I look back and wonder why I was so scared.

Keep it going......

laurenjean Premium
Ooh... excited for you, Debbi! That's fab! Thanks. Rooting for you too.
MKearns Premium
Amen Lauren I've written about this and believe it wholeheartedly!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks, Michael. Really appreciate your consistent support and encouragement.