I was published!

Last Update: August 11, 2014

It was pretty amazing for me!
You know my niche is about honey. I send one of my articles, the one about Apilarnil, to the American Apitherapy Society, and they published it in their newsletter.

You cannot imagine my happiness. There are no money involved, you could say, but it's like a teacher telling "you did a good job!". At least now I know I'm on the right road. :)

I don't think this can bring potential customers, the people subscribed to that newsletter are from my niche most probably, meaning my competition, and all I can get is them getting more inspiration (or even steal). But hey, I don't care, we all learn from each other in this world.

So, I'm still enjoying my tiny success. I couldn't keep it for myself, I had to tell you guys. :)

Here is the article they published: http://healthywithhoney.com/bee-brood-apilarnil/

Cheers! To our success and to more money!


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Pro2100 Premium
I love the site Laura, Haven't got time to read article now, but will read later and leave comment.

Browjack5 Premium
That is great news well done you.
KevinCR Premium
This is fantastic news Laura! What an achievement! Well done! Thank you for sharing and giving us all a boost.
kholmes Premium
Congratulations, that's terrific. Your site is very nice and extremely interesting. I used to eat a lot of honey when I was younger, I suppose I should start again. Thank you for sharing.
mwd21 Premium
Well done you, must be a great feeling.