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Last Update: December 02, 2017

I am so happy to report that the site trust to my website is up to 10%. It was 0% for the longest time. I am thankful for that. I'll just keep on keeping on. Thank you for all your support.

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EddySalomon Premium
That's great. If you continue to write content regularly, you site trust will go up and it will be easier for your site to show up in google. So this is a good sign. Don't let up.
subcpo14 Premium
Latricia, site trust will increase about 10% per month. Congrats on seeing the first jump. Jay
Memorylaneuk Premium
Site trust seems to go up by 10% every month though it can sometimes take a while to catch up. All of our websites will gain trust over time. As far as I know there is no way of speeding up the algorithm they use.
With Grace and Gratitude
BlSt Premium
When I started with the domain, I worked with it for about 3 months. By then my site trust was 20%

Then I purchased my own domain and transferred my website to my new domain. And my site trust went back to 0 immediately!!!!

That means I have to work again for another 3 months.

Congratulations. Very good progress
PatsyC Premium
Hi Latricia, that's great :)

I found it took a while at first then it went up every month. I realized it caught up and at 8 months I'm at 80%.

I think it depends on the work we do.
LatriciaT1 Premium
Great! Good to hear and congratulations.
PatsyC Premium
Thank you, it goes by'll see :)